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Top InsurTech Leaders

ACORD annually identifies the year’s Top InsurTech Leaders by evaluating vision, execution, and outcomes. Even during this past year of unprecedented challenges, the insurance technology community continued to drive growth and change throughout our global industry.

Once again, ACORD is proud to present our InsurTech Leaders list in conjunction with Alchemy Crew. ACORD and Alchemy Crew have identified four key threads across the insurance technology industry that continued to drive innovation and transformation throughout 2021.


  1. Collaboration: Working and growing together is at the core of business models driving change and differentiation in InsurTech. Leaders in this sphere embrace the benefits of small yet mighty startups and larger, more established players by bridging the gap and encouraging transformative collaboration. Solution providers, carriers, and brokers alike have discovered that the most effective pathways to innovation are often founded upon communicating unique industry needs and co-developing alongside trading partners throughout the process. Through this method, business informs new technology and vice versa.
  2. Inclusive InsurTech: Since its establishment, the insurance industry has historically provided and preserved positive futures for both itself and the communities it serves. Today’s industry aims to offer the same security for new generations. These leaders are driving much-needed change by making the insurance realm more accessible, whether by amplifying opportunities through their own hiring and retention practices, or by expanding insurance into traditionally underserved markets. They provide equal access to opportunities and resources to those who might otherwise be marginalized or excluded, meeting their own needs while ensuring a brighter future for all.
  3. ESG: Building on developments of the past year, 2022 will be the year for ESG in insurance – Environmental, Social, and Governance metrics applied by companies to improve the way they deliver on sustainability requirements, with major changes affecting most countries around the world. Insurers are looking for solutions enabling them to improve operations, design and launch new products and services, and enhance supply chains. We have seen many non-InsurTech companies making a major impact in insurance, as well as a few InsurTechs diving into sustainability and providing insurers with data and underwriting capabilities to make an impact in reducing climate change.
  4. Digital Business Ecosystem Builders: Robust networks, global digitization, and interconnected systems are no longer a luxury in the industry – they are necessities for efficiency and growth. These ecosystem-conscious leaders are driving the acceleration of cutting-edge innovation while utilizing the global power of network effects by strategically embracing “coop-etition” with their industry counterparts. They have also widened their scope of collaboration beyond the insurance industry, tapping into new and diverse resources of expertise and insight. ACORD and Alchemy Crew have chosen the 2021 Top InsurTech Leaders for each of these four key areas. In alphabetical order within each category, they are:


Wendy Aarons-Corman
President & CEO, OWIT Global

Yann Barbarroux
Co-Founder & CEO, Otonomi

Eliron Ekstein
Co-Founder & CEO, Ravin AI

Matthew Grant
Partner, Instech London

Steve Hicks
Product Lead, Lloyd’s

Nicole Kellenberger
Global e-Admin Lead, Swiss Re

Anurag Shah
Co-Founder & CEO, Aureus Analytics

Raghav Tanna
Co-Founder & CEO, Tarmika


Christie Downs
Co-Founder & CEO, Handdii

Antony Elliott
Head of Digital R&D, Zurich

Brandon Mathews
Founder & CEO, Stonestep

Jason McDermott
President & CEO, Chisel AI

Steven Mendel
Co-Founder & CEO, Bought by Many

Nonso Opurum
Founder & CEO, SOSO CARE

Julio Pernia
Co-Founder & CEO, Bdeo

Damien Philippon
Co-Founder & COO, Zelros


Gabriel Glynn
Co-Founder & CEO, MākuSafe

Richard Gunn
COO, hyperexponential

Jonathan Jackson
CEO, Previsico

David King
Co-Founder & CCO, Artificial

Anthony Peake
Co-Founder & CEO, Intelligent AI

Robert Reville
Co-Founder & CEO, Praedicat

Digital Business Ecosystem Builders

Quentin Colmant
Co-Founder & CEO, Qover

Joe Dainty
JV Transformation Director, Xchanging Insurance Services, a DXC Technology company

Sebastien Gaudin
Co-Founder & CEO, CareVoice

Olivier Jaillon
CEO & CPO, Wakam

Rob Schimek
Group CEO, bolttech

Eric Schuh

Ian Summers
CEO, Specialty Business Solutions - Verisk

2021 presented the insurance world with unique challenges that highlighted previously existing issues within the industry’s increasingly digital landscape, creating a sense of urgency and accelerating change. The fundamental realities of the modern digitized ecosystem continue to prompt technological evolution. These leaders will play a key role in driving our industry forward.

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