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ACORD Insurance Digital Maturity Study (2022 edition)

June 2022

The challenges and opportunities facing the insurance industry in recent years have been present for some time—but now accelerated, and finally impossible to ignore. Put simply: the digitization imperative.

Existing market demands, amplified by a global pandemic, made digital channels—from remote work to online stakeholder engagement—suddenly not just an option, but a requirement. Unfortunately, the technical deficit incurred by carriers that have systematically underinvested in technology is extremely difficult to overcome. However, no industry is better equipped than ours to quickly identify, understand, and mitigate risk. Now that it is impossible to dismiss the risk of technical deficit, insurers must understand the benefits of digital maturity, and embrace digitization across the enterprise.

The ACORD Insurance Digital Maturity Study seeks to understand how technology is currently deployed across the insurance industry, and uncover the linkage between the various strategic and tactical components of IT spending and value creation.

ACORD R&D white papers are available free of charge to all ACORD members.