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ACORD isn't just Standards and Forms. At its core, ACORD is people.

ACORD members and volunteers from across the full spectrum of the insurance industry unite behind the common goals of efficiency and progress embodied by the ACORD Standards. Our standards development process is driven by professionals like you, all willing to volunteer time and share expertise to improve our entire industry.

Standards Project Groups

ACORD Standards Project Groups (SPGs) are member-driven, collaborative efforts which create, maintain, and refine the ACORD Standards. There are several groups, tailored to different lines of business and geographic regions. We welcome your interest in any Standards Project Group which serves your needs. Please contact Member Services for information on how to join a Standards Project Group. If you have already joined one or more groups, you may access them below. 

Access Groups

Standards Enhancements

Any ACORD member or Forms Pool subscriber can propose a change or enhancement to the ACORD Standards. More information on Standards Enhancements is available on

Submit a Standards Enhancement

ACORD Membership

Participating in Implementation Communities and submitting Standard Enhancements are just two of the ways you can participate in the ACORD community and the Standards development process. See our Programs & Offerings for a complete list of the benefits afforded by ACORD membership.