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ACORD facilitates fast, accurate data exchange and more efficient workflows through the development of electronic standards, standardized forms, and tools to support their use.



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2 days ago

The ACORD InsurTech Innovation Challenge is coming to NY, London, and Chicago! Don't miss your chance to submit your idea that will transform the insurance industry! At AIIC you will have the chance to present your idea to innovators across all lines of business, investors & venture capital partners, technology startups & industry mentors, and experts. Deadline for submissions is this Friday!

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9 days ago

The ACORD Global Insurance Stock Index tracks the performance of 160 of the world’s largest publicly traded insurance carriers, spanning the life and non-life sectors. It's tracked in quarterly updates which analyze quarterly and annual change in share prices and provide performance metrics and insights by line of business, geographic region, and company size. Read the latest from Q1 2019:

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12 days ago

On April 11th, ACORD CEO Bill Pieroni spoke at the Financial Times Live (FT Live) Insurance Innovation Summit’s panel exploring data and analytics. He explained that the industry was founded on data and analytics, and that the challenge today is to develop the capabilities to fully leverage data through investing in the required technology, processes and most importantly organizational competencies. Additionally, he encouraged those that serve the industry to avoid generalizations, “If you’ve seen one insurance carrier, you’ve seen one. Our is industry is undergoing material change and the winners will be able to leverage informational scale and scope economies to create value across stakeholders. Those unable to compete on data and analytics will either shrink or be absorbed.”


The panel discussed ethical issues surrounding the use of private and personal data. Pieroni questioned, “if you recognize that regulators will likely reach in and stop it, then why invest to do it? Explicitly consider the strategic and tactical uncertainty before moving in, we are after all in the business of managing risk."

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