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ACORD Global Insurance Stock Index


The ACORD Global Insurance Stock Index tracks the performance of 224 of the world’s largest publicly traded insurance carriers, spanning the life and non-life sectors.

The index is an extension of ACORD's Global Value Creation methodologies and corresponding studies across both P&C and Life. It is tracked in quarterly updates which analyze quarterly and annual change in share prices, and provide performance metrics and insights by line of business, geographic region, and company size. The returns are based on the market capitalization weighted average of individual company returns, based on local currencies.

In addition, it tracks U.S. P&C stock performances in relation to the “value categories” introduced in the ACORD U.S. P&C Value Creation Study, which noted superior market performance achieved by the companies identified as “Sustainable Value Creators.”

The ACORD Global Stock Index will provide a unique and ongoing perspective on the performance of the global insurance market, and the underlying factors behind it.