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May 25, 2017

Ruschlikon Marketing Group Feature: A Day in the Life in Mumbai

A Day in the Life is a special feature produced by the Ruschlikon Marketing Group introducing various members of the Ruschlikon Group to the community. We think you will find it interesting to discover what they are working on and find out more about them as a person. If you'd like to be featured in A Day in the Life, please contact Heather at ACORD

Julie Gooch

My name is Julie Gooch and I am the E-Accounting Project Manager working for Willis Towers Watson. I am also the Chairperson of the Ruschlikon Marketing Group. I recently traveled to Mumbai with my colleague Sarah Sawyer who represents Willis Towers Watson on the Technology Providers group to conduct E-Accounting Training & Workshops.

Describe your typical working day 

We held training sessions on E-Accounting and DRI (Document Repository Interface) as well as overview sessions for our Business Users in Placing & Billing & Claims on the benefits of Electronic Accounting. We also explained the principles of ACORD messages and how as a community we work together. The Willis Towers Watson office in Thane Mumbai is where our Account Controllers are based and their support is invaluable as they are the people who manage the accounts directly with our Carriers.


When did you join the Ruschlikon Group and why?

I first joined the Ruschlikon Marketing group in 2013 and I have been Chairperson for the past 2 years. I was asked to join the group via my then manager Richard Brame (now director of A&S) who represents Willis Towers Watson at the Ruschlikon Steering Group. This was a learning and development opportunity where I could share my knowledge and ideas with others and learn from them at the same time.

Office floor in Mumbai
The office floor in Mumbai

What do you find valuable about collaborating with a group like Ruschlikon?

I love the way that we all work together as companies contributing to a common cause and I feel that the Marketing group has an important part to play in the Ruschlikon family.  We meet on a monthly basis and create documentation to promote Ruschlikon principles. We take guidance and instruction from the Steering Committee alongside the other groups (see below):  


Ideal holiday destination? 

Anywhere hot with a nice beach!!!! I particularly like traveling to France. 

Dine in, or dine out?

I love to cook and I make a really good risotto which my family loves!

Favourite toy? 

My VW convertible beetle I love to drive with the roof down even in the winter!!

Some other photos from our trip...

Mumbai Tut Tuts
Mumbai Tut Tuts

View from the window of the Willis Towers Watson apartment
The view from the window of the Willis Towers Watson apartment