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Dec 2, 2015

AML Programs Year in Review and Look Ahead to 2016

Southern Africa Short Term Program
This has been a year of implementation for Southern Africa.  With the Standard well-entrenched in the short term community, our members have been concentrating on implementations of personal lines utilizing the STRIDE Switch.

There was one release this year, bringing the community up to version 2.2.1. This release includes liens of business such as personal and commercial motor, liability (including cyber), agriculture, surety, marine cargo, personal and commercial property and engineering.

ACORD Forum Southern Africa, held in Johannesburg again this year, attracted our biggest turnout yet.  The format of mostly roundtable discussions, with some presentations, was a big hit with the attendees and will be repeated in 2016.

2016 in Southern Africa is shaping up to be another banner year for the program. Not only will work on real-time messages be completed (as well as more lines of business implemented) and ACORD Forum Southern Africa be repeated and improved, but ACORD is looking to expand its Innovation Challenge to have an African Regional. Whilst we cannot yet release details, ACORD is very excited about the possibility.

For more information on the Southern Africa Program, please contact Alan Stitzer, Director of Global Development, at

Cross Program Reporting
This year, the Workers’ Compensation Reporting group saw the first implementation of AML in the United States for the IAIABC First and Subsequent Reports of Injury (FROI/SROI) Messages. Kansas, working with member companies Travelers and Ebix, successfully implemented in February.

Work has been completed on the Proof of Coverage (POC) message as well.

For 2016, the Workers’ Compensation Group is looking forward to additional implementations if FROI/SROI next year as well as testing and implementation of the POC message.

At ACORD2015, the group also expressed extreme interest in the Test Harness and is looking forward to working with ACORD on getting that up and running for the messages.

The Producer Licensing and Appointment group voted on and approved the Licensing Report Message.  There have been some minor changes to the initial release (that have not yet been voted on).

The 2016 main focus for this group will be to drive implementation and increase awareness of the available messages.

For more information on the Cross Program Reporting Program, please contact Alan Stitzer, Director of Global Development at

Australia/New Zealand

  • Australia/New Zealand Joint Steering Committee/Working Group
    • The Australia Program (Life and General Insurance) broke uncharted ground on a Joint Steering Committee and Joint Working Group in 2015. The Steering Committees decided that, for a multitude of reasons, the community would be best served looking at processes and how to leverage any similarities across the two programs. The first project worked on was Claims. The project panned out exactly as the Committee thought it would, finding tremendous synergies throughout the processes. This was then vetted with South Africa and the GRLC Communities, where the same result was achieved. The work continues as ACORD is taking the work and putting it into a modelling tool.
    • The Joint Working Group will next look at Settlement. Because there is already a proven process in place, this will be the starting point.
  • Australia/New Zealand General Insurance
    • There were multiple implementations in 2015, both in Australia and New Zealand. In Australia, personal motor and home were implemented, whilst in New Zealand, the Policy Synchronization message for Contract Works was put into place.
  • Version 1.0.0 of the Binding Authority Risk Bound Report was released in June.  This standard was put into place to allow information on bound risks to be passed from Lloyd’s coverholders globally to Lloyds in London. The first risk implemented was property.
    • The Standard is now at version 1.1.0, with version 1.2.0 planned for 2016.
  • Australia/New Zealand Life Insurance
    • 2015 saw not only the implementation of messages, but also release 1.2.0, which includes a new message for Investment Correspondence.
    • The group continues to work towards version 1.3.0, which will have yet another new message, this one for Investment Inquiries. Information for this message is for the Australian Tax Office (ATO).

2016 in Australia and New Zealand is shaping up to be a banner year. We’re looking forward to even more implementations and new lines of business.

The Risk Bound Report will be updated to include additional lines of business including motor, watercraft and liability (including cyber risk).

ACORD is looking forward to bringing back ACORD Forum Australia/New Zealand. There was a brief hiatus for this event, but we’re looking forward to coming back bigger and better in 2016. Coupled with this event will also be ACORD Innovation Challenge APAC. There are no details yet on either event, but keep coming back to the ACORD site to stay up to date.

For more information on the Australian Programs, please contact Alan Stitzer, Director of Global Development at