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ACORD Announcement:



The Ruschlikon initiative has recommended that from the 1st April 2014 onwards, the respective implementation communities should begin to implement the new versions of the ACORD Standards.

Whilst ACORD publishes updates to standards as and when requested by implementers, Ruschlikon establishes the versions to be used by implementers in their community, following the principle that two versions will be live at the same time (latest and previous).  This approach of two live versions allows a window of time for all implementers to migrate to each new version.  From 1st April the versions are:

Current version

GRLC schema 2010-02

EBOT 1.4.4

ECOT 1.1.3

Previous version

GRLC schema 2010-02

EBOT 1.4.3

ECOT 1.1.2

The above, and also the Ruschlikon strategy for future updates, is confirmed within the Best Practices Guide published by Ruschlikon that sets out their community agreements regarding scope and usage of the electronic messaging.

Ruschlikon recognizes that, as implementation grows both globally and within regional communities, involvement in the discussions and agreement of changes and also the communication planned changes becomes increasingly important for all organisations. This can be accomplished through participation in the Ruschlikon Business Implementation Group (BIG).

The BIG is where issues and potential changes can be raised and discussed by Ruschlikon implementers, and it also determines the content of future versions to be supported by Ruschlikon.  BIG meets via monthly conference calls and up to three face to face meetings per year.  All of Ruschlikon’s global brokers, reinsurers and carriers, as well as various regional Ruschlikon community members, participate strongly in this group.  BIG is open for all Ruschlikon brokers, reinsurers and carriers to join - contact Phil Brown at ACORD (

Changes to the ACORD standards must also be processed through the ACORD maintenance process, and the ACORD working group that handles this is the GRLC Program Working Group (PWG).  This group also reviews changes to other parts of the ACORD standards such as Placing and Regulatory Reporting. Any ACORD member may join the PWG - contact Phil Brown at ACORD (

A single log is maintained by ACORD that tracks progress of all issues raised and records the outcome of all discussions in BIG and PWG. This is continually updated in a spreadsheet format and circulated to both BIG and PWG participants.

Definition of Terms:

GRLC: ACORD Global Reinsurance and Large Commercial

EBOT: ACORD Electronic Back Office Transactions Guide

ECOT: ACORD Electronic Claims Office Transactions Guide