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What is AUGIE?


AUGIE, ACORD User Group Information Exchange, continues to bring the industry together to collaborate and ensure the future of the automated independent agents and brokers. The challenge is reaching everyone who could benefit from the industry's work.

Why is AUGIE relevant to the industry?
AUGIE brings hundreds of people together to work towards efficiency ensuring that the automated independent agents and brokers have a future.

What has AUGIE done to help the automated agent and broker?
AUGIE vocalizes the business value of workflow efficiency. Nothing happens unless a sale is made. Agents and Brokers need to respond promptly to their clients in the manner they want to be contacted. Click here to learn more about customer engagement.

How does AUGIE secure information that is valuable from an Agent and brokers perspective?
The AUGIE volunteers and respondents to the AUGIE surveys have provided valuable information that result in feedback to ACORD to improve the ACORD forms and data standards. AUGIE is recognized by ACORD as the voice of the independent agents and brokers.

Why is ACORD important to the automated independent agents and brokers?
ACORD develops and maintains Forms and data standards. The standards are used by the agent and broker agency management system providers and carriers to improve the way data is passed from one system to another, eliminating manual data input.

Why do standards matter to Agents and Brokers?
We are surrounded by products and services that are successful because they are built with standards. A house that is wired, a cell phone that lets us speaks to friends and relatives anywhere in the world, or a pilot that lands a plane at our designated location. With all these products and services, we have choices. Houses are different, cell phone plans vary and air travel provides us with options. Standards are behind the scenes enhancing the product or service. The value to the customer is the appearance, functionality or services provided. The value to the solution provider is reusable standardized components.

What you can do to help the Industry!

AUGIE needs your help! If you want the Independent Agents and Brokers to have a strong future, help us to communicate with a unified voice. AUGIE strives to engage the carriers who work with independent agents and brokers. Workflow efficiency is enhanced through the implementation of the ACORD standards. Thanks to AUGIE, ACORD, the carrier's and solution providers, today's implementations are better than ever!

If an insurance carrier has not implemented the ACORD Standards, they need to contact ACORD to find out how to begin. If the insurance carrier is implementing ACORD Standards, they need to verify that they have certified that implementation recently. They need to contact their agency management system provider contacts and develop a plan to get their recertification done! Please help us to get this message to all the insurance carriers!