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Standards Project & Advisory Groups



Next-Generation Digital Standards SPG

The Next-Generation Digital Standards (NGDS) SPG was established to leverage subject matter expertise from members representing a broad cross-section of the industry as we continue to develop a common approach to setting digital standards, structures, and implementation guidelines. In this group, we leverage member inputs across geographies and communities to ensure ACORD API Specifications are cross-domain. Members provide valuable subject matter expertise and guidance by sharing business scenarios, providing recommendations on Standards Enhancement requests, providing feedback based on implementation experience, and more.

⮞ Meets on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 9 am ET

Next-Gen Digital Standards Technical Subgroup

The ACORD NGDS Technical Subgroup is a key forum for items related to current Next-Gen Digital Standards development activities. While this group delves into more technical aspects of the Standard, we also discuss some high-level business concepts and may create separate focus groups to discuss/review specific topics as needed. These focus groups meet separately and report back to the Technical subgroup for review and agreement before submitting to the SPG for inclusion in the Standard. The Technical subgroup helps drive the conversation and direction of where the NGDS Standard will focus next.

⮞ Meets every other Tuesday 9:00-10:00 am ET

Next-Gen Digital Standards Electronic Health Records Subgroup

The Electronic Health Standards Subgroup is part of the Next-Gen Digital Standards, with a focus on the life insurance industry. The advent of electronic health records has triggered a need for a standardized format for the transmission of electronic health data between carriers, vendors, and point of care source systems. This subgroup leverages the expertise of its members and existing industry standards to identify the gaps in digitizing unstructured data. This subgroup reports back to the Technical Subgroup for review and agreement before submitting to the SPG for inclusion in the Standard. Members and nonmembers are welcome to join this subgroup.

⮞ Meets on the 3rd Thursday of the month 3:00-3:30 pm ET

Next-Gen Digital Standards Surety Subgroup

The ACORD NGDS Surety Subgroup provides an opportunity for member organizations to contribute to the creation and enhancement of Next-Gen Digital Standards for the greater surety ecosystem. This subgroup leverages the expertise of its members and existing industry standards to identify the gaps in digitizing unstructured data using real-life business processes and use cases provided by its members.

⮞ Meets every other Thursday 3:00-4:00 pm ET



Business Implementation Group SPG (Accounting & Claims)

This group provides valuable subject matter expertise and guidance by sharing business scenarios and providing recommendations on Standards Enhancement requests and reinsurance business processes. The group drives the community members to adopt the latest ACORD GRLC Standards. The group reviews business process/standards-related issues and provides advice. If any issue requires further discussion, the group recommends convening a subgroup to address the specific issue. The experts related to the given business process join the subgroup for further discussion and resolution. Once the solution is agreed upon, the subgroup provides feedback to the BIG SPG along with the solution proposal for further approval from BIG SPG.


L&A Standards

L&A Standard Enhancements (SE) Review Group (Advisory Group)

The objective of this group is to review submitted Standard Enhancements to understand the use case and ensure there are no negative impacts on the Standard prior to providing feedback and recommendation. This group provides feedback as needed on questions and/or issues concerning potential enhancements, suggested modeling, and industry topics, as well as providing prioritization, feedback, and publication approval for Transaction Specification as needed. Subgroups are created as needed to address focused topics.

⮞ Meets every Thursday 10:00-11:00 am ET

L&A Life Inforce Product SPG

The group will build from the Phase 1 efforts which focused on the creation of standard deliverables to support non-financial transactions for policy inquiry, including contract values and the ability to process administrative changes such as an address, beneficiary, and owner. The scope for this group is to finish the Phase 2 messaging to support electronic administration of Life inforce financial activities, to provide the ability to obtain policy and rider status as well as complete policy changes/updates.

⮞ Meets on 2nd & 4th Monday of the month at 2:00-3:00 pm ET

L&A Architecture Advisory Group

This group provides architectural expertise and addresses issues concerning the Life & Annuity XML Standard. This group acts as a technical conduit between the other Standards Project and Advisory Groups and the Life & Annuity membership to provide technical refinements/improvements to the Standard.

⮞ Meets on 1st & 3rd Monday of the month at 2:00-3:00 pm ET

ACORD L&A DTCC Mapping Advisory Group

The objective of this group is to provide expertise in the alignment between the L&A XML and DTCC EDI Standards. This consists of providing insight into definitions and use cases and helping to address gaps. There is an increasing need to provide standard documentation of the mappings between these two Standards, which could benefit the ACORD Next-Gen Digital Standards, the DTCC Data Strategy initiative, as well as support those companies who need to transition between the two Standards. Standard Enhancements (SE) will be prepared to address gaps.

⮞ Meets on 1st & 3rd Thursday of the month at 1:00-2:00 pm ET


L&A Forms

L&A Standardized Life Insurance Application SPG

The SPG has oversight of subgroup activities and provides direction and approval of work. The overall effort is provided to the Life & Annuity Program Advisory Council for approval. The focus is to create an application that best supports underwriting requirements, elicits the most complete and accurate information, incorporates the latest in behavioral science, can easily be completed in a digital/online environment, and creates structured data output that can be easily shared with downstream systems. This work will feed the ACORD Next-Generation Digital Standards (NGDS) while conforming to the Life & Annuity Data Model.

⮞ Meets on 1st Monday of the month at 3:00-4:00 pm ET

• L&A Life Insurance Application Subgroup

This group consists of SMEs who have the knowledge and skillset to complete the tasks as noted in the Charter. Responsible for standards development efforts to create deliverables and processes. Overall, the effort is reported to SPG on a regular basis for guidance and approval.

⮞ Meets on 2nd & 4th Monday of the month at 3:00-4:00 pm ET



P&C Data Standards Advisory Group

This group convenes members with broad industry and ACORD Standards expertise in order to share insight and provide feedback regarding proposed enhancements to the P&C Data Standards. The scope of this group also includes impact analysis of new/enhanced P&C Forms on the P&C XML and AL3 Standards. This group may be consulted for architectural advice and recommendations related to initiatives like Next-Generation Digital Standards and other augmentations of ACORD Standards.

⮞ Meets bi-monthly on Thursdays 11:00 am-12:00 pm ET

Please contact Member Services for information on how to join a group.

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