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Aug 26, 2021

TIW Group Goes Live With ACORD as Strategic Global Message Partner

LONDON, UK, August 26th, 2021 - Global IT managed services and software firm TIW Group has announced its deployment and live usage of the ACORD Conductor message orchestration service as part of its collaboration with ACORD, the standards-setting body for the global insurance industry.

As a member of the Licensed Integrator Partner community of ACORD Solutions Group (ASG), TIW will leverage ACORD’s industry-owned, next-generation digital standards, solutions, and services for the benefit of its clients and the industry at large. TIW is principally focused on utilizing the ACORD Conductor service to enhance its long-established managed service facilitating global messaging transmission for both inbound and outbound messaging for TIW’s extensive Broking, MGA and Carrier client community.

“TIW Group and ACORD share the united objective of optimizing the cost, speed and time of standardised data exchange across the Global Reinsurance and Large Commercial industry,” said David Edwards, Chief Executive Officer of TIW Group. “TIW is working extensively on providing a fully managed service for ePlacing, eAccounting and eClaims for its global Broking, MGA and Carrier community. We selected ACORD Conductor for our message orchestration service as a future-proofed, scalable and industry-owned utility to ensure our clients can remain focused on their core business. We are delighted to embed ACORD Conductor within our insurance offerings, and look forward to bringing more managed services to the market that are powered by ACORD."

ACORD Conductor is a comprehensive next-generation global messaging service, enabling straight-through processing of placing, accounting and claims data via API and all other major connectors. It improves operational effectiveness and reduces costs by streamlining processes, integrating services across a single platform, and improving the speed, quality, and integrity of data. ACORD Conductor is designed in continuing collaboration with all major industry associations, ensuring that it will support changing standards, market environments, and industry needs.

“We are delighted to welcome TIW Group to the ASG Licensed Integrator Partner community,” said Chris Newman, ACORD’s Managing Director, Global. “TIW Group has been a long-standing pillar of technical prowess in our industry and supporter of ACORD, and we are pleased to help them deliver even more value to their rapidly expanding Broking, MGA and Carrier client base by harnessing ACORD Conductor’s next-generation messaging capabilities." 

About TIW Group

TIW Group’s cloud-based SaaS platforms connect and service the operational needs of hundreds of Insurance Brokers, Carriers and MGA’s globally. TIW’s Fully Managed ACORD Messaging transports and delivers millions of messages between global counterparties which together with its Document Management/workflow platform, Xsus, and all new Collaboration Portal, Spinnii, form core infrastructure services for global insurance market practitioners.