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Aug 23, 2021

ACORD Solutions Group Named Among “40 Companies to Watch” by InsTech London

ACORD Solutions Group, the industry-owned subsidiary of ACORD, was recently identified as one of the “40 Companies to Watch” for data extraction and ingestion by InsTech London, an organization that identifies and promotes the use of the best technology, data and analytics within insurance and risk-management around the world.

The report underscored the need for new technologies and solutions in the insurance space that streamline data processing and exchange among different industry stakeholders. ACORD Solutions Group was recognized for its innovative, industry-owned solutions that operationalize ACORD Standards and connect insurance industry participants across the globe.

InsTech London spotlighted ACORD Solutions Group’s technologies like ADEPT, a platform for real-time data exchange. ADEPT supports stakeholders across the global insurance industry by standardizing and simplifying data and message exchange, which InsTech London recognized as an essential component to moving the insurance industry into the future.

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