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May 11, 2021

Morning Data Integrates NOVUS Platform with London Bureau Central Settlement Services through ACORD Solutions Group's ‘ADEPT’

LONDON, UK, May 11th, 2021 – London Market IT broking solution provider Morning Data Ltd (MDL) today announced its selection of ACORD Solutions Group (ASG), the industry-owned extension of ACORD, the global insurance standards-setting body, as its strategic messaging partner. MDL will be leveraging ASG’s ADEPT (ACORD Data Exchange Platform and Translator) and ACORD Conductor solutions as part of this expanded partnership.

A platform for real-time data exchange, translation, and transformation, ADEPT will enable the Morning Data NOVUS platform to be pre-integrated to the London Market Bureau Central Settlement Service run by Xchanging, via its ACORD Conductor component. The initial scope of the integration will include message flows of Accounting & Settlement (A&S) and ECF.

“We are delighted to be working with ASG to support our market messaging strategy.  Whilst this will be initially launched to refresh our A&S and ECF integration, we see ASG’s ADEPT and Conductor solutions being core to our future market messaging needs, and further enhancing our own solutions and services to our clients. We have agreed upon an ambitious and fast launch project with ASG, which will give our clients speedy access to an improved user experience,” said Kirstin Duffield, Chief Executive Officer of Morning Data.

ACORD Conductor, a comprehensive message orchestration solution for the GRLC market, has been used by MDL to facilitate inbound and outbound messaging in the London Market for brokers since MDL joined the ASG Licensed Integrator Partner program in 2020. The latest integration of ADEPT and Conductor will also help MDL serve its broking clients with non-bureau ACORD GRLC EBOT/ECOT and placing data exchange.

“We are delighted to partner with MDL to harness our industry-owned messaging adapters,” said Chris Newman, Managing Director – Global of ACORD. “Morning Data has a very rich and deep understanding of the London Market, and their SME experience is of great assistance to the industry. Their support and implementation of these solutions operationalising ACORD Data Standards is important for the London Market, helping to maximise the success of the initiatives led by the Future at Lloyds.”

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