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Mar 30, 2021

ACORD Releases Two New Assets for L&A Standards

ACORD is pleased to announce two new Standards assets for our Life & Annuity members. The ACORD Life & Annuity Fact Sheets and the L&A Online Help File both support the implementation of ACORD Standards for L&A members.

The Life & Annuity Fact Sheets offer facts at a glance for some of the most widely implemented ACORD messages. These user-friendly fact sheets provide a high-level business overview on specific transactions and forms, and serve as a quick reference on a variety of items, including:

  • 209 Address Standardization Submission
  • 228 Producer Inquiry
  • 230 Bank Information Inquiry
  • 301-321 Data Search
  • 501 Payment Submission
  • 810 First Notice of Loss Submission
  • 1220 Disbursement Transmittal
  • Form 951/951e - 1035 Exchange/Rollover/Transfers 

In addition, the L&A Online Help File is an online version of the L&A XML Business Message Specification Help File. This Standards asset was previously only available as a file (.chm) to be downloaded to a local drive. The launching of the online help file allows members to access this valuable resource anywhere, through the ACORD website.

For more information about ACORD L&A Data Standards and resources, click here.