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Beth Jarecki

Oct 14, 2020

Hyperion X Chooses ACORD as Its Strategic Global Messaging Partner

LONDON, UK, October 14, 2020 – Global IT services and software firm Hyperion X, part of the Hyperion Insurance Group, today announced a partnership with ACORD as its strategic global messaging partner. As an ACORD Solution Provider Associate Member, and an ACORD Solutions Group Licensed Integrator Partner, Hyperion X will harness the ACORD Data Standards, Reference Architecture, and Digital Solutions for the benefit of Hyperion Insurance Group and their community of insurer, reinsurer, corporate, and broker clients.

“By partnering with ACORD, we are now able to quickly tap into industry-recognised data standards, processes and models that enable Hyperion X to help insurers, re-insurers, corporates and brokers with superior data insights,” said David Crompton, Head of Data Governance, Hyperion X. “Data quality and standardisation is a competitive advantage; by exploiting ACORD Standards, Hyperion X is leveraging industry-leading best practice that puts us in a prime position to seamlessly digitally connect with our clients.”

ACORD Standards are widely used throughout the global insurance industry, accounting for one half of written premiums worldwide. The ACORD Reference Architecture includes a series of models and frameworks for use across an insurance enterprise, creating consistency and helping organisations to run, develop, modify, and maintain insurance applications.

ACORD’s industry-owned subsidiary, ACORD Solutions Group, provides digital accelerators and construction aids which leverage the power of standardised data exchange to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and flexibility of insurance processes.

“We are delighted to partner with Hyperion X to support their adoption of our global insurance data standards and industry-owned assets,” said Chris Newman, Managing Director – Global, ACORD. “The input and collaboration of Hyperion X and the ACORD member community has been invaluable in the design of next-generation solutions enabling enterprise digital intake, universal message exchange and translation, and supply chain data distribution. Together we will continue to improve the data efficiency, speed, and value on behalf of the global insurance industry.”


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