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GRLC Broker/Agent Standards Membership

The Global Reinsurance & Large Commercial Broker/Agent Electronic Standards Membership Program is intended for Insurance Brokers, Agencies, MGAs, and Wholesalers in the business of distributing reinsurance and large commercial policies.

Member Benefits

ACORD Standards Package for GRLC Insurance Transactions

  • XML Schema and Specifications
  • Implementation Guides
  • GRLC Data Dictionary

Resources & Services

  • Complimentary or Discounted Reference Architecture Facets
  • Test Harness and Certifications
  • Onboarding Training
  • Extended Custom Consulting Services (at cost)

Additional Benefits

  • Access to Research Library
  • Complimentary or Discounted Event Passes
  • ACORD Branding and Logo Usage
  • Participation in Standards Development


The per term fee is based on the total gross revenue of your organization.

For more information about joining this program:

Contact Member Services