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Forms FAQ

ACORD is committed to assisting you in every way possible. This FAQ provides general answers to the questions we receive most often about our forms. If you need additional information, or would like to suggest a new question to be answered here, please contact us at

General Forms

Do I have to be an ACORD Advantage member to use ACORD Forms?

In order to make use of the ACORD Fillable Forms available from this website, yes.

However, if you are an agent/broker/MGA/GA and would like access to ACORD Forms and their Forms Instruction Guides in printable PDF format only, you may secure them by signing in with your user name and password.  The forms are also made available to the insurance industry through a variety of options; there are many solution providers, insurance carriers and reinsurers licensed to include ACORD Forms in their products, services and/or websites. You do not have to be an ACORD Advantage member to use ACORD forms provided by a licensed partner.​


I clicked on a form and an "Access Denied" page appeared. What do I do?

If you are an Advantage Member, Sign In (the sign in fields are located on the left hand side of your browser window) to gain access to that form. If you are not an Advantage Member, and you already have a user name and password, please contact ACORD Member Services between 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM Eastern (US) at 845.620.1700, option 2, or email and request access to the PDF Forms and their accompanying Forms Instruction Guides.  Please note that if your agency's location is already a member of the Advantage Program, you and/or each person at the agency who wants access to the forms will still need to enroll with the Advantage website, but do not need to pay the membership fee.​

I clicked on a form but nothing happened. What do I do?

For your workflow convenience, ACORD provides several different versions of the ACORD forms. Each version requires that you have the associated program installed on your machine.

  • Using ACORD Fillable Forms - IBM Format requires an installation of the ACORD Viewer.
  • ACORD PDF and ACORD Fillable Forms - Adobe PDF files require the free Adobe Reader.

If you are certain that you have the right software and are signed in, it may be that your membership to ACORD Advantage has expired. Please contact, or call 845.620.1700, option 2.​

I emailed a form to my customer/trading partner and they were not able to open it. Why?

To view an ACORD Form, you need to have the associated software installed. If you emailed an ACORD Fillable Form - IBM Format, the recipient will need to install the ACORD Viewer. If you emailed the ACORD Fillable Form - Adobe PDF version of the form, the recipient will need to have the Adobe Reader installed. Please be aware that viewing Adobe PDF files will require users to have licensed versions of those products on their machines.​

I am an agent/broker and got my forms from another website. Why should I use the ACORD Advantage Forms?

ACORD is the originator of all the ACORD Forms as well as updated ACORD Forms. If you need to use a form, and it is not available from your other source or is out of date, you may secure the most current form through ACORD, in either PDF format with a user name and password or in fillable format with your Advantage membership.​

Do I need to join the ACORD Advantage Program to receive Forms Notifications from ACORD?

No, the Forms Notification Service is complimentary. If you already receive our forms notifications and wish to always be aware of the current forms, you should continue to receive it. If you are not receiving our forms notifications and would like to receive it, you can register on this website. This will ensure that you receive the complimentary Forms Notification Service. To view past forms notifications, click here.​

I just want to place an order for paper forms. How do I do that?

Paid members of the ACORD Advantage Program can place orders for P&C paper forms with the ACORD Member Services department. Please call in your request to 845.620.1700, option 2, fax it to +1.845.620.3600, or email, Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.


Does ACORD file forms on behalf of its members?

For the P&C community, ACORD files forms on behalf of its members in states where it is required to file.​

Why are ACORD Forms revised?

ACORD forms are revised often, and for several different reasons.  Sometimes new forms are proposed by members and others. Working groups may design them collaboratively to suit new business needs.

Existing forms may be revised to reflect changes in business practices.  For example, changes in coverage practices or underwriting may occur that need to be reflected in new elements or revised forms instruction language.
ACORD tracks changes in legislative and regulatory requirements country-wide.  Some changes to forms result from new insurance department requirements, typically for auto ID cards, binders, certificates of insurance, and applications.  ACORD is required to file its forms with state insurance departments for approval, even when changes to the forms arise from changes in business practices and not regulatory requirements.​

Is there a manual to assist in filling out all the various ACORD P&C Forms?

There is no single manual on  how to complete ACORD forms . However, every ACORD form is accompanied by a Forms Instruction Guide (FIG) with text that indicates how to fill in each field.  In many agency management systems, the FIG text will appear when your cursor hovers above a particular data field.  For help in accessing FIG text, please call or email ACORD Member Services at 845-620-1700, Option 2 or email​

How can we find out when we are required to file ACORD forms under our own company filing?

ACORD files forms on behalf of it's Members in states where it is required to file. Typically, only a handful of ACORD forms are filed-such as Auto ID cards, Application, Certificates-and only in certain states. In some states, companies submitting Rate, Rule and/or Policy filings can be asked to include copies of ACORD forms as part of their supporting (filing) documents. State filings usually dictate the supporting document requirements. You may want to consult with your carrier underwriting and/or legal departments for more company specific guidelines.​

How do we unlock the fields on the PDF's to allow our data to fill in?

Download the eForms versions of the ACORD forms, they are not locked.  However, you must participate in an ACORD Redistribution Program in order to download ACORD eForms.  For additional information, please call or email ACORD Member Services at 845-620-1700, Option 2 or email​

Is there an Auto ID Card for NY?

New York State requires bar codes on Auto ID Cards for scanning purposes and therefore has its own proprietary Auto ID Cards.  At this time, ACORD does not support Auto ID Cards requiring bar code technology.​

Who can sign a Certificate of Insurance?

The ACORD Forms Instruction Guide(s) FIG (s) recommends that ACORD Forms be signed by an Authorized Representative. An Authorized Representative is usually determined by the Carrier Legal and Underwriting Department. We encourage you to consult with your Carrier Legal and Underwriting Department for additional guidance.​

Can form users eliminate certain sections of an ACORD Form, specifically an application?

ACORD Forms are filed with state departments of insurance wherever required, and all published forms are compliant with all state regulations. The forms are approved by Departments of Insurance on an "as depicted" basis; this means that modifying them in any way would result in the form being non-compliant.

Where can I download the ACORD viewer?

Visit the Download Viewer Page.  Fill out the brief form and follow the instructions to complete the download.​

Is the ACORD 23 approved for use in Canada?

The coverage territory for auto insurance in both Canada and the US includes both countries. Any US state Auto ID card is acceptable when US citizens are crossing into Canada and any Canadian Auto ID card is acceptable when Canadian citizens are crossing into the US. ACORD does not publish any Canadian ID cards for Canadian citizens.​

There are two versions of the ACORD 51 NV. Can we choose either one?

We deliberately supplied two options. You can choose either depending upon your needs. This form consist of three pages. Page 1 should be used when you wish to print one entire ID card to a page. Pages 2/3 should be used to print one ID card front and back.​

Can the ACORD 301 Application be used for commercial property?

The ACORD 301 is to be used for all flood policy forms, both personal and commercial.​

Is ACORD currently working on electronic signatures?

The specific workflows and requirements for electronic signatures in each of the program areas are unique from one another. Therefore, ACORD is working with implementation communities within each program to understand the priorities of the individual community. ACORD is also working to educate our members and their constituents on legal requirements as well as various solution provider options in order that they may make more informed buying decisions. For more information on and/or to get involved in community efforts which are in progress, please contact Marcia Berner at​

Can I use an older version of an ACORD Form?

It is vital you use only the most current ACORD forms.  Once a form is outdated, ACORD no longer checks on whether it remains compliant with law, including state insurance department rules.  Anyone using an outdated form does so at great risk. In particular, agents and insurers using a non-compliant form are subject to severe penalties.​

Fillable Forms

What are ACORD Fillable Forms?

I can't find the ACORD Fillable Forms. Where are they located?

I noticed there are various columns on the forms search results: ACORD Fillable IBM, ACORD PDF, and ACORD Fillable Adobe. What are these and which should I choose?

What must I do in order to have access to the ACORD Fillable Forms?

How do I download the Free ACORD Viewer?

What are the ACORD Viewer's system requirements?

How do I download the Free Adobe Reader?

What are the Adobe Reader's system requirements?

I have an Apple/Macintosh. Can I use ACORD Fillable Forms - IBM Format and/or the ACORD Fillable Forms - Adobe PDF?

I clicked on a fillable form but nothing happened. What do I do?

I am unable to save or send my ACORD Fillable Form - Adobe PDF format. Why?

I emailed a fillable form to my customer/trading partner and they were not able to open it. Why?

Can I download a fillable form and its contents to my Agency Management System?

Where are the Forms Instructions on the ACORD Fillable Forms?