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For more information about the ACORD Advantage Program contact Member Services at  +1.845.620.1700, option 2 or email

Advantage Participant Program

The ACORD Advantage Program provides agents and brokers with ACORD forms and resources that help increase efficiency and make compliance easier. The program provides access to all up to date ACORD Forms so that an agency may always have access to the latest version of each form. For additional benefits, see below. 



All agents, brokers, and distributors are eligible to join Advantage to access individual ACORD forms for use in your agency or brokerage at licensed locations. Please note: To post ACORD Forms on a website or portal for access by your customers, you must instead license ACORD eForms.


Advantage Participant Benefits

When you become an Advantage agent, you can choose to receive access to ACORD enhanced fillable forms, pre-printed forms (P&C), and ACORD static forms in PDF format.  A growing number of ACORD fillable forms now feature time and cost-saving enhancements including:

  • Field Parsing: Data fields such as Address are now separated into component parts (street, city, state, zip), to allow for more precise data capture.
  • Improved FIGs: ACORD’s Forms Instruction Guides are integrated into the forms to provide specific help for each field on screen, and are consistent across all forms.

Advantage participants also receive other benefits, including:

  • The ability to order a limited quantity of pre-printed ACORD forms online
  • Subscription to the ACORD Weekly Newsletter, a monthly update email to advise you of any current or upcoming changes made to ACORD forms.

The cost to join Advantage is $199.00 per year, effective on the day of registration. Charges for the program are on a per-location basis. Participation entitles you and all employees at that specific location to 12 months of access to the ACORD Advantage services and forms.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Participation in the ACORD Advantage program is subject to additional terms and conditions. Complete details may be found here.​​