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Life & Annuity Specifications & Documentation - Public


In addition to the files below, there are a variety of guides and aids available only to ACORD Members who have registered with the ACORD website. These may include: 

  • Implementation Guides
  • Transaction Specifications
  • Sample XML 
  • Business Process Guides
  • Help Files
  • Annotated Schema 

These standards encompass all lines of business based on mortality or morbidity risk including traditional life, annuity, disability, health and long-term care. The specifications anticipate the needs of all participants in the life insurance industry including carriers, reinsurers, distributors and related financial services.

ACORD provides additional training, technical support, and standards tools to our Members - available in the Life & Annuity Members Only section. We encourage you to learn about and consider the many benefits of ACORD Life & Annuity Membership. Our ability to provide these standards to the industry is a direct result of the participation, contributions, time and financial support of our member companies. Thank you for considering membership today! ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​​​​​​You are on the Public page for the Life & Annuity Standards. If you are a Member, please log in and view the Member page to see all the standards, implementation guides, and solution construction aids available to members.


The ACORD Life & Annuity Program Public Specification files consist of the Life Data Model diagram – a high-level object hierarchy describing the ACORD Life Standards Data Model upon which our Life & Annuity Specifications are based; the Life & Annuity Standards Specification in PDF format; and the Transactional/Business Wrapper (TXLife) Specification expressed as an XML schema.


The ACORD Life & Annuity Program DTCC EDI Public Specification files provide a traditional EDI (flat file) format for communicating common life insurance information including Application, Asset Pricing, Commissions, Financial Activity, Inforce Activity, Licensing & Appointment and Positions & Valuations. These formats are core to the Deposit Trust Clearing Corporation (DTCC) Insurance Processing Services (IPS) offerings and are now available to anyone who wishes to use them.


ACORD LA Arrangement Administration Transaction Specification m2.30v1.0Jun 2014
ACORD LA Bank Account Verification Transaction Specification m2.31v1.0Jul 2014
ACORD LA Carrier Profile Transaction Specification m2.33v1.0Jun 2015
ACORD LA Census Transaction Specification m.2.28v1.0.1Apr 2013
ACORD LA Distributor Profile Transaction Specification m2.31v4.0.1Sep 2014
ACORD LA Document Send Status Transaction Specification m1.28v1.0Apr 2013
ACORD LA Document Send Transaction Specification m1.28v1.0Apr 2013
ACORD LA Fund Transfer Transaction Specification m2.30v1.0Jun 2014
ACORD LA Investment Product Profile Transaction Specification m2.31v2.0.1Sep 2014
ACORD LA LIMRA Annuity Survey Transaction Specification m2.29v1.0Dec 2013
ACORD LA LIMRA Life Survey Transaction Specification m2.29v1.0Dec 2013
ACORD LA NBFA Transaction Specification m.2.34v1.0Sep 2015
ACORD LA NBFLTC Transaction Specification m2.30v1.0Jan 2014
ACORD LA New Business Policy Number Request Transaction Specification m2.34v1.0Dec 2015
ACORD LA Policy Administration Inquiry Transaction Specification m2.34v1.0Dec 2015
ACORD LA Policy Administration Transaction Specification m2.32v1.0Sep 2014
ACORD LA Policy First Notice of Loss Transaction Specification m2.34v1.0Oct 2015
ACORD LA Product Profile for Annuity IRI Transaction Specification m2.34v4.1Sep 2015
ACORD LA Quote Term Transaction Specification m2.30v1.0.1Sep 2014
ACORD LA Security Credential Administration Transaction Specification m2.30v1.1Jun 2014
ACORD LA Withdrawal Transaction Specification m2.30v1.0Jun 2014


寿险规范和文档最终版 2.17.01Nov 2009
ACORD 寿险,年金 & 健康险公共规范文件包含寿险数据模型图--高阶对象层次结构描述了 ACORD 寿险标准数据模型;并包含了由数据模型库产生的定义文档,以 XML schemas 表述的交易封装( TXLife ) , XMLife ,和 XTbML 规范。

About Implementation Guides

Implementation Guides are developed by communities within ACORD in order to provide best practices and guidance that ensures the greatest possible interoperability between trading partners. Guides frequently document sequencing of transactions necessary to support an entire business process. Whereas the full XML Standard Specification focuses on flexibility to ensure that a single transaction may be used across all product types, trading-partners and a broad spectrum of processes; Guides focus on the implementation details specific to product type, implementation community or some other subset of the full Standard.



LAH Automated Vendor Invoicing Implementation Guide V1.0Oct 2012
This guide provides a roadmap for implementing the exchange of transactions associated with invoicing and reconciliation of Underwriting Requirements services. The Guide presents scenarios illustrating the exchange of information between invoicing systems and reconciliation systems and describes functional requirements each system shall satisfy as they exchange these messages. The scenarios, diagrams, and example transactions illustrate “who knows what information” as well as “when and where” information is located within an XML file. XML transactions documented by this guide include the Submit Invoice Transaction (TX 118) including various subtransactions of Submit Invoice Activity: (TX 11801) Submit Initial Invoice, (TX 11802) Submit Rebill Invoice, (TX 11803) Submit Duplicate Initial Invoice, (TX 11804) Submit Duplicate Rebill Invoice, and (TX 11805) Cancel Invoice Submission. XML transactions also include the Invoice Status Transmittal (TX 1119) including various subtransactions of Invoice Status Activity: (TX 11901) Initial Invoice Status, (TX 11902) Rebill Invoice Status, and (TX 11903) Reject Invoice.
ACORD Standards Census Supplement V1.1Jan 2012
The ACORD Census spreadsheet form is for conducting business relating to insurance placement with carriers offering employee benefits insurance products for life, short term disability, long term disability, dental, vision and medical. The Census form can be used for Request for Information/Request for Proposal (RFI/RFP) census reporting, as well as enrollment and maintenance census to communicate subscriber and dependent data.
LAH NBfL Implementation Guide V2.0Mar 2010
The purpose of this Implementation Guide is to provide the user with a consistent interpretation for implementation of an industry-recognized solution for the need to submit new business for Life Insurance via electronic data transfer. This guide is not intended to address in-force policy administration. XML transactions covered in this guide include New Business Submit (TX 103). Implementers can refer to section 9 “Revision History/Change Summary” to see a detailed listing of revisions from version 1.0 to the current version.
LAH PPfL Implementation Guide V1.0Mar 2010
This Guide defines the basic Product Profile for Life (PPfL) and the associated transaction used to communicate the PPfL to trading-partners. The transaction is officially referred to as a PolicyProduct Transmittal (TX1201) in the ACORD Messaging Standard. This Guide includes details necessary to create a PPfL that may be used to facilitate New Business processing, Underwriting, Illustration, In-force Policy Administration, Billing, Accounting and Claims. The Guide includes direction for creating PPfL documents that model Life products, and a supplement guide to provide direction for creating Disability Health and Long Term Care products.
LAH Life Reinsurance Standard Implementation Guide V2.0Jan 2010
This guide serves as a tool to help organizations implement standards in the life reinsurance community. It offers not only the technical specifications and the data model itself, but also provides a business context and describes the business model in which this work should be implemented within. XML transactions documented by this guide include the Life Resurance Transaction (TX 551) including various subtransactions of Reinsurance Policy Activity (TX 55101), Reinsurance Policy Status (TX 55102) and Reinsurance Policy Activity or Status (TX 55103).
LAH Pending Case Status Implementation Guide V3.0Dec 2009
Addresses implementation issues of providing case status information for both inforce and pending policies. Includes guidance for Case Status Notification (TX 1125) and the Pending Lapse sub-trans (TX 12501).
LAH Hierarchies and Teams Implementation Guide V1.1Jan 2009
The purpose of this specific guide is to describe various Producer / Distributor commission and/or reporting hierarchies and how they may be modeled in the ACORD Life Standard. This Guide stands on its own because the handling of sales hierarchies and teams is common across lines of business and business processes. Usage of the Hierarchies & Teams Guide is expected to be referenced by and used in conjunction with the Licensing & Appointment, Commissions, Product Profiles (Annuities and Life) and others.
LAH L&A Implementation Guide V2.2Jan 2009
This guide is intended to provide both background, as well as specifics, regarding the various business messages related to the process of appointing and licensing insurance professionals. Various parties are applicable throughout this process including agent, agency or distributor, an appointing carrier as well as a licensing authority (usually State). All these parties are considered in respect to each specific business message. XML transactions covered in this guide include Producer Inquiry (TX 228), License Request and Update (TX 129), Appointment Request (TX 410), Appointment Non-Renewal Notification (TX 412), Appointment Renewal Notification (TX 411), Appointment Termination (TX 413), Producer Address Change (TX 18110), and Producer Name Change (TX 18601 & 18602).
L&A 2.12.00 Policy Replacement Implementation Guide V3.1 Jan 2009
This Replacement Implementation Guide is intended to define and provide examples of “Model” replacement business messages, which can facilitate the Replacement Notification and Replacement Processing Requests of Life Insurance business (including traditional Life and Annuities). XML Transactions covered in this guide include Replacement Processing Request (TX127), and the Replacement Processing Update (TX 1128).
LAH Underwriting Requirements Implementation Guide V1.2Jan 2009
This Guide describes various transactions involved with Underwriting Requirements ordering, fulfilling, and reporting status and results. The Guide presents scenarios illustrating the exchange of information between ordering systems and fulfillment systems, and describes functional requirements each system shall satisfy as they exchange these messages. The scenarios, diagrams, and example transactions illustrate “who knows what information when” and “where” the information is located within an XML file. XML Transactions covered in this guide include General Requirement Order Request (TX 121), General Requirement Status/Results Request (TX 122), and the General Requirement Status/Results Transmittal (TX 1122).