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Common Services Specifications & Documentation - Public

You are on the Public page for the Common Services Standards. If you are a Member, please log in and view the Member page to see all the standards, implementation guides, and solution construction aids available to members.


ACORD XML Naming and Design Rules Candidate Recommendation V1.0.1Feb 2009
The ACORD Naming and Design Rules Candidate Recommendation specifies the common XML architectural functionality, naming conventions, schema design and implementation rules and data types to be reused in XML Specifications across all the domains at ACORD.


ACORD Security Profiles V1.1.0Oct 2006
The purpose of the Security Profiles is to extend the ACORD Messaging Service specification to securely protect the content of SOAP messages and describe the process needing implementation in sufficient detail that the technical staff of members will be able to implement these security features. In addition to describing the process of protecting message content, this document recommends security algorithms, provide examples of secure messages, and direct the reader to a large number of supporting documents that provide either additional detail, or define the standards in greater detail.


Document Repository Interface (DRI) Reference Guide V1.3.1Dec 2007
The Document Repository Interface (DRI) Standard addresses requirements associated with the access to, and download/upload of documents from/to electronic document repositories. It defines standard XML messages to perform these functions and to convey indexing information on unstructured documents from system to system. The Document Repository Interface was developed as a multi-program standard and can be used in conjunction with business messages from all three ACORD Standards.


ACORD Messaging Service - SOAP V1.5.1Dec 2007
This standard defines a complete set of service messages for transporting XML messages and supporting electronic documents over the Internet, using Web Services standards. XML messages can be any ACORD Standard.


ACORD Web Services Profile V2.0.0Jan 2012
This version of the ACORD Web Services Profile (AWSP Version 2.X) has been developed to support SOAP 1.2 and the latest related technical profiles published by the WS-I organization. AWSP Version 2.X is positioned as the target Web Service Implementation Guide to provide a stable base for long term deployment of Web Services using ACORD Messages.
ACORD Web Services Profile V1.1.1Feb 2009
The ACORD Web Services Profile (AWSP) has been prepared by ACORD and its members to set guidelines for implementing a Messaging Framework, based on the cross-industry Web Service standards. This specification will be the successor of the ACORD Messaging Service XML Specification and SOAP Implementation Guide version 1 (a.k.a. AcordMsgSvc 1.X), released in 2003. AWSP version 1.0, which is based on the SOAP 1.1 Standard, will be followed later by AWSP 2.0, based on SOAP 1.2.