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The Value of Implementation Calculator is a member-only benefit and thus should not be reproduced or provided to anyone outside of the ACORD member organization directly or indirectly.

If you are not a member and are interested in the ACORD Value of Implementation Calculator please contact ACORD Member Services by phone at +1.845.620.1700, option 2, or email


ACORD Value of Implementation Calculator

We developed the Value of Implementation Calculator to help you determine the financial benefits of implementing ACORD Standards in any specific project or process.​​​​


With help from volunteer members, we identified the variables that have the greatest impact on a project when implementing Standards. A model was built to allow members to estimate the value of those variables for specific implementations and it’s available to you today!


How the Calculator Works


It’s all about picking realistic ranges based upon what you already know. If you were asked the following question – “What year was Elvis Presley born?” maybe all you know is that he sang in the 1950’s. Based on this information you might estimate a range of 1925 to 1940 assuming that he was at least 15 when he began. And you would be right! Elvis Presley was born in 1935.

Using the VOI model, you will provide a range estimate for each variable in the calculator based on your experience with other projects and your knowledge about the project in question. (Note: ACORD suggests that you attend Calibration training to help you make valid estimates – See below). The calculator runs 1,000 simulations based on the ranges you provide and shows a graph and chart similar to the ones below.

Calibration Training

No matter how good you are at making estimates, Calibration Training will make you better!  Get a feel for just how calibrated you are with this free sample quiz – Click here*.

ACORD offers virtual Calibration Training to our members free of charge (a $580.00 value). This training is beneficial to anyone in business who is challenged with making key decisions and wants to mitigate risk. You will be guided through a series of quizzes designed to help you make good estimates with little or no information. It is recommended to attend this session before using the Value of Implementation Calculator. This is a valuable skill for anyone, not just those using the calculator. To learn more and reserve a seat click a scheduled session below:

Value of Implementation Webinars

For a limited time, ACORD is offering introductory webinars on the VOI model.  We will provide a basic overview of the tool and how to use it in this session:

Access the Value of Implementation Calculator *

*It is strongly recommended that you download the Quiz and Calculator to your desktop in order to use them.


Not a member?

Contact Member Services for more information about the Value of Implementation Calculator by phone at +1.845.620.1700, option 2 or email at



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 Value of Implementation Webinars


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