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Testing & Certification Facility

Testing & Certification Facility


The ACORD Testing and Certification Facility (TCF) is a live application which you can interact with as a developer in order to test and certify your implementations of ACORD messages.

TCF has two modes: message-only certification and business trading partner certification. The message-only certification simply checks your XML message to see if it follows the various rules required by the standards. The business trading partner certification allows you to interact with TCF as a "virtual" business partner, allowing you to send ACORD messages to the TCF for validation and receive responses indicating acceptance or error(s). The TCF can also send messages to you and accept your responses.


Message Only Certification

 ACORD staff will monitor your test messages at a detailed level and help you analyze successful and unsuccessful tests. If you are new to web services or ACORD messaging and need more help in getting started, please contact us at

Business Trading Partner Certification

This is the primary method of certification for GRLC implementations. ACORD staff will interact with you throughout the testing/certification process. Initially we will plan the session and confirm connectivity between you and the ACORD TCF server. On an ongoing basis ACORD will check messages you send, advise of any issues, and generate response messages back to you. If you are a receiver, ACORD can also send messages to you and check your responses.


What does TCF Cover?

Technical standards supported:

  • ACORD Messaging Service (AMS) web-services standards, including support for secure https sessions, authentication, and digital signatures
  • ACORD Document Repository Interface (DRI) XML standards

Business Message Standards Implemented:

  • Life & Annuity XML
  • Property & Casualty XML
  • Global Reinsurance and Large Commercial XML

Global Reinsurance and Large Commercial Insurance Transaction Specifications Supported:

  • ACORD GRLC Placing Guides
  • ACORD GRLC Electronic Back Office Trading (eBOT) Guide
  • ACORD GRLC Electronic Claims Office Trading (eCOT) Guide
ACORD Messaging Library
  • Australia/New Zealand General and Life Insurance
  • Southern Africa Short Term Insurance
  • Catastrophe Exposure Reporting 
  • Workers’ Compensation Reporting 
  • Producer Licensing and Appointment