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Global Common Services

Global Common Services

These guides, specifications, and rules are applicable across the spectrum of ACORD Data Standards.

Document Repository Interface (DRI)

The Document Repository Interface standard provides a set of definitions and processes to allow document repositories to exchange electronic documents between each other automatically, without manual intervention.

ACORD XML Naming & Design Rules

The NDR specifies the common XML architectural functionality, naming conventions, schema design, implementation rules, and data types to be used in XML Specifications across all ACORD Standards.

ACORD Messaging Service SOAP

The ACORD Messaging Service enables the exchange of ACORD Messages linked to supporting electronic documents following various existing and anticipated messaging scenarios based on well accepted cross-industry framework standards, including SOAP, HTTP, SSL/TLS and WSS.

ACORD Security Profiles

The ACORD Security Profiles extend the ACORD Messaging Service specification to protect the content of SOAP messages, building on the OASIS WS Security Standards (WS-Security) and the WSI Basic Security Profile (WSI-BSP), as well as ACORD’s own security extensions

Process Service

The Process Service Request Message enables structured and controlled data and document messaging between parties, and provides a mechanism which supports action requests and responses such as requests for status and information.

ACORD Web Services Profile (AWSP)

The ACORD Web Services Profile has been developed to support SOAP 1.2 and the related technical profiles published by the WS-I organization. It provides a stable base for long-term deployment of Web Services using ACORD Messages


For more information, or access to older versions of the Standards, please contact Member Services.