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The Insurance Institute of Canada

Principles and Practices of Insurance (Course C-11)
When constructing a building, it is important to start with a solid foundation; this is equally true when building a career in insurance. Principle and Practices of Insurance is the course to help you do that. In this course, you develop an understanding of the legal principles upon which insurance rests. The course also introduces you to the important concept of risk and how insurance deals with it. You will also study core concepts and unique vocabulary of insurance and be introduced to the main participants in the insurance sector. This course is usually taken as the entry point to the Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) designation and you are welcome to learn more about the CIP designation on our website.

Chartered Insurance Professional
Become a CIP, the industry’s standard of excellence and professionalism. Steps to become a CIP: 1. Join your local Insurance Institute and maintain your annual membership. For more information click here. 2. Complete the ten-course academic program. 3. Fulfill one year of full-time employment in the general, life insurance, or related financial services industries. 4. Abide by the Institute’s Code of Ethics.