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Mar 2, 2022

Ebix Joins ACORD Solutions Group’s Licensed Integrator Partner Program

LONDON, UK, March 2, 2022Ebix, a leading international supplier of on-demand software and e-commerce services to the insurance, financial, and healthcare industries, today announced that it has joined the Licensed Integrator Partner program of ACORD Solutions Group, the industry-owned subsidiary of ACORD, the global standards-setting body for the insurance industry.

The Licensed Integrator Partner program was established to enable efficient digital data exchange throughout the insurance ecosystem. As part of the program, global insurance solution providers collaborate on ACORD Solutions Group’s next-generation digital solutions enabling standardised data exchange.

James Pring, Head of Sales for Ebix Europe, said, “Ebix Europe are delighted to be joining the Licensed Integrator Partner program, as a further demonstration of our commitment to the digitisation of the London (re)insurance market. Ebix’s philosophy has always been, and will continue to be, about facilitating the efficient movement of structured data through the lifecycle of the (re)insurance process.”

Ebix, a longtime ACORD member and contributor to ACORD Standards, provides products, services, and comprehensive solutions designed to modernise the insurance industry by digitising and streamlining insurance processes. Now as a member of the Licensed Integrator Partner program, Ebix can leverage the portfolio of ACORD Solutions Group’s industry-owned solutions, which facilitate interoperable data exchange, transformation, and data extraction capabilities. These resources will further support Ebix’s efforts to deliver innovative technologies for stakeholders throughout the insurance industry.

“Ebix has a long history of industry service as part of the ACORD vendor community, which will be further enhanced by their participation as a Licensed Integrator Partner,” said Chris Newman, ACORD’s Managing Director – Global. “Through its innovative products and solutions, Ebix has been very active in the effort to modernise the global industry, and we are pleased to work with Ebix to drive digital transformation across the insurance community.”

About Ebix

Ebix is the largest provider of electronic trading solutions and innovative Insurtech products to the global (re)insurance sector, covering both large commercial and specialty markets.

Ebix Europe provides products, services and comprehensive solutions to cater for various aspects within the commercial insurance lifecycle. Ebix Europe technology is designed to modernise the insurance industry by digitising and streamlining insurance processes.

Our core product set includes electronic placing tools allowing brokers and carriers to quote, bind, communicate and endorse policies on a web based platform; an accounting and claims messaging solution; and a newly launched, best of breed exposure management platform – ExposureHub.