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Feb 18, 2021

ACORD R&D Roundup

ACORD Research and Development analyzes data and develop strategic points of view across the topics most important to industry stakeholders. We partner with our member, top consulting firms, and industry thought leaders to deliver reports that are insightful, actionable, and unbiased. Check out the latest materials from ACORD R&D below!

Distribution & Digitization: The Broker & Agent Imperative

Debuted at ACORD Industry First 2020, this study examines the shifting landscape of distribution across the global insurance industry and the keys to high performance. Check out the highlights here:

ACORD U.S. Property & Casualty Value Creation Study (2021 edition)

The ACORD U.S. P&C Value Creation Study answers three key questions: Which metrics should be used to measure value creation across P&C carriers? Which strategies and tactics lead to sustained value creation? And, what key capability and execution imperatives drive sustained value creation over time? This updated edition contains new data and insights current as of January 2021. Read the report here:

Health Benefit Platforms: Where Efficiency Meets Engagement - By Benefitfocus

Disruption in the health insurance industry is not a new phenomenon. Many factors have forced health insurers to evolve from rising health care costs and changing legislation to rapidly changing customer needs and expectations. Benefitfocus sponsored a groundbreaking study with ACORD to identify superior customer experiences, strategies, operating models, and capabilities health insurers can adopt to address the challenges they face. Read the full study here:

Digital Customer Experience Study: UK Personal Lines 2020

ACORD’s Best Digital Customer Experience Study screened and assessed the websites of nearly 1,200 carriers, brokers, and aggregators on the digital experience they deliver to online insurance shoppers. The study identified top performers as well as common threads in their strategies and capabilities. Check out the latest results here:

ACORD Global Insurance Stock Index Update

ACORD’s proprietary Global Insurance Stock Index is tracked in quarterly updates, which analyze the quarterly and annual change in share prices and provide performance metrics and insights by line of business, geographic region, and company size. Read the latest quarterly update here: