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Nov 5, 2020

Morning Data Joins ACORD Solutions Group Licensed Integrator Partner Program

LONDON, UK, November 4, 2020 - London Market IT broking solution provider Morning Data today announced that it has joined the ACORD Solutions Group (ASG) Licensed Integrator Partner program, allowing its clients to leverage the benefits of ASG’s next-generation digital solutions and services. Morning Data will be principally focussed on harnessing the ACORD Conductor service to facilitate inbound and outbound messaging in the London Market for brokers using the Morning Data policy administration system NOVUS.

ACORD Data Standards are widely used throughout the insurance industry, with ACORD members accounting for half of global gross written premiums. The ASG Licensed Integrator Partner program was created in order to allow the ACORD solution provider community to more effectively deliver the benefits of standardised data exchange to their customers.

“Morning Data has been, and continues to be, a vocal advocate for data standards being the central core of all the London Market digital initiatives.  As ACORD members for many years, we see ACORD being a critical part of supporting the market’s data standard needs, as well as the solutions and services offered by ASG. We are excited to reinforce our commitment to helping both the market and our clients meet their digital objectives, by becoming a partner in ASG’s Licensed Integrator Partner Program,” said Paul Buckle, Board Director of Morning Data.

Morning Data will be integrating the capabilities of ACORD Conductor, the digital global message orchestration service, with its NOVUS solution. ACORD Conductor operationalises the ACORD Standards to create a comprehensive, industry-owned messaging and data service which aligns individual messages with industry processes, while centralizing and simplifying workflow. By replacing current manual processes, this will drive significant cost savings, as well as improved data speed, accuracy, and consistency.

“Morning Data have a very rich and deep understanding of the London Market and their expertise is of great value to the industry,” said Chris Newman, Managing Director – Global of ACORD. “They have been long-standing advocates of the benefits of ACORD Data Standards, and their contributions to the strategic roadmap for ASG Digital Solutions has had a great impact on helping the London Market maximise the benefits of the initiatives led by the Future at Lloyd’s. We are delighted to welcome them into the Licensed Integrator Partner program.”

About Morning Data

Established in 1985, Morning Data is a privately-owned, award-winning supplier of world-class software and service solutions for the global insurance industry. The family-run business enjoys a long and rich history in the insurance industry, and its involvement with Lloyd's dates back to the 1970's with the provision of the green vans between London and Chatham.

Today, Morning Data continues to deliver exceptional solutions to 30+ valued clients worldwide, including Brokers, MGAs, Coverholders, Insurers and Reinsurers across both start-ups and established operations.

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