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Sep 8, 2020

C Consulting Chooses ACORD As Its Strategic Global Message Partner for the Italian Market

Organisations to dedicate expertise in reinsurance standards and solutions to enable messaging standardisation in the Italian market

MILAN, ITALY, September 8, 2020 - International reinsurance IT services and software firm C Consulting International (CCI) today announced a partnership with ACORD, the standards-setting body for the global insurance industry, as its strategic global messaging partner for the Italian Market. CCI will be principally focussed on the spread and promotion of messaging standardization for the Italian reinsurance Market, powered by the ACORD Data Exchange Platform (ADEPT), in collaboration with the Ruschlikon Italia implementation community. This initiative aims to facilitate automated ACORD GRLC Technical Account (EBOT) and Claims Movement (ECOT) messages to be shared with all stakeholders in the market, regardless of their messaging maturity.

To accelerate the integration effort, CCI has become a Licensed Integrator Partner (LIP) of ACORD Solutions Group. The LIP program drives strategic alliances between ACORD’s solution provider member community, focused on next-generation digital solutions to enable efficient data exchange for the benefit of the global insurance industry.

“CCI and ACORD share a vision of supporting the fantastic achievement of the Ruschlikon community in harnessing the ACORD GRLC Data Standards across their global geographies for Placing, Accounting and Claims,” said Aldo Capurro, Chief Executive Officer of CCI and Ruschlikon Italia Implementation Group Co-Chair. “ACORD and CCI are united on accelerating adoption of the ACORD GRLC Standards for the Italian Reinsurance and Large Commercial market. Our CCI Reinsurance clients will automate their exchange of ACORD GRLC messages through the XLayers Ruschlikon Module soon to be released, to their extensive network of Italian and broader International counterparts“.

Over 70% of the Italian Reinsurance market utilises CCI’s API-enabled XLayers solution. By integrating the ADEPT market capability, CCI will automate message exchange for their reinsurance clients.

ADEPT (ACORD Data Exchange Platform & Translator) is a centralized data exchange portal for securely exchanging ACORD GRLC data and documents via API between all insurance organisations. It supports ACORD’s current and future membership and client base, and interoperates seamlessly with all organisations, whatever their current level of digital capabilities and ACORD Standards adoption. The system operationalises the ACORD workflow and ACORD Data Standards using the OpenAPI Specifications (OAS) — the industry standard for RESTful API design. 

“The industry told us of the need to integrate line-of-business or other applications with ACORD gateways both directly and from their existing vendors – including parties that may not be up to date with the latest ACORD Standards,” said Chris Newman, ACORD’s Managing Director – Global. “Integrating a centralised, industry-standard service like ADEPT with CCI’s XLayers – a modern, API-enabled platform respected throughout the Italian market – will create a direct, automated connection for the Italian Market. This ‘blueprint’ will provide a repeatable, scalable, and cost-neutral model for other geographies who are working with ACORD as the global standards body, and leveraging our digital accelerators.”


About C Consulting International

Market Leader in providing high quality software solutions for managing Reinsurance Processes (Life and non-Life lines of business) with the XLayers suite,  C Consulting S.p.A. was founded in 2000 in Italy and developed XLayers: the market leader software platform in Italy for the management, control and certification of reinsurance. It is the only system on the market still owned by the original developer (C Consulting S.p.A.), that has always been totally dedicated to the reinsurance "niche" and has invested more than 150 man-years of development in it.

XLayers is now being successfully used by more than 60 Clients (in Italy and Europe) that actively participate in the "User Group", driving the System growth path which is completely focused on their needs.

C Consulting International was founded in 2014 with the mission to promote the XLayers solution on international markets.