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Nov 6, 2018

ACORD Reference Architecture Update

ACORD released a major update earlier this year to the ACORD Reference Architecture, consisting of Version 2.7 of the Business Glossary, Information Model, and Data Model. These releases are the result of extensive review and feedback, which helped validate the enhancements. Full details of the updates can be found packaged with each release.

The Business Glossary 2.7 release primarily focuses on three major improvements:

  • Metadata enhancements for the HTML, CSV, and XML formats (all three formats now show metadata consistently, without any discrepancies)
  • Incorporating elements related to new Employee Benefits Standards
  • Evolving Glossary by adding 400 new terms

Other improvements include the resolution of data lineage and GUID issues, accurate identification of super-classes and sub-classes against each element, allowing for the addition of HTML reference links as needed, and accurate identification and representation of synonyms.

The key focus of the Information Model 2.7 and Data Model 2.7 releases is the enhancement of structural stability throughout the models. The three main subject areas of the review and improvement process are:

  • Activity Package
  • Document & Communication Package
  • Marketing Package

One primary method used to attain greater structural stability was the elimination of inconsistencies, redundancies, and missing associations or entities.

Click the link for more information around ACORD Reference Architecture.