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Jul 12, 2018

Agent Voices - June 2018

At ACORD, we are proud of the programs we offer to agents and the steps we take to ensure our offerings help our agents succeed in their business.  Don't just take our word for it, this month we sat down with Steve Tredup of Aon and Dan Corbin of Professional Insurance Agents (PIA) and asked them how important ACORD is to an agent's line of work.

What led you to become an agent?

Steve Tredup: Circumstances. I did not set out to work in the insurance industry, but I took an operational management position in a closely related field, which then led to my 20+ years insurance career.

Dan Corbin: I was laid off a construction job and was desperate for work. Farmers Insurance Group took a chance with me and made me their agent in 1973. Ever since I’ve been entrenched in the insurance industry. For the last 26 years, the Professional Insurance Agents Association has privileged me to serve its members as Director of Research.  

What interested you in volunteering with ACORD, and/or working on a PAC?

Steve Tredup: In my compliance role at my company, I am very closely involved with post-placement outputs, including certificates of insurance and auto insurance cards. Because ACORD sets the industry standard for these, it was a natural extension for me to become involved with ACORD for form development.

Dan Corbin: As an advocate for insurance producers, I felt it necessary to work closely with organizations that they depend on for their operations. ACORD is a vital partner with producers for the success of their business.

What value do you feel ACORD has to offer to Agents?

Steve Tredup: ACORD offers many benefits across several areas. For my area, form standardization, along with current and future electronic data transferring of the paper information, is a huge benefit to the insurance industry. It not only makes all parties to the insurance transaction more efficient, it helps in the transparency of the insurance coverage to various stakeholders.

Dan Corbin: In a word: standardization. Proprietary forms and data is a hindrance to efficiency. 

What do you think ACORD can provide for the industry and Agents as the organization evolves?

Steve Tredup: Despite the somewhat stodgy reputation of “insurance”, the industry is evolving and expanding all the time. ACORD is a leader in research, development, standards, and education. And, as the industry moves forward, ACORD will continue to be a leading insurance organization.

Dan Corbin: The standardization of process by electronic means, where duplication is hindering industry progress.

What is your favorite part of being an ACORD volunteer?

Steve Tredup: 
I enjoy helping in the development of insurance form standards and providing my company’s perspective on their use. I also appreciate the educational opportunities on insurance topics related to my area, especially as evolving technology becomes even more important and dominant.

Dan Corbin: I enjoy the community of experts that ACORD assembles for its objectives. There always are people with unique perspectives, backgrounds, experiences, and personalities.