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Erin Muckey 845-535-6473
Jul 3, 2017

Ruschlikon intensifies regional activity and technology focus

Ruschlikon, the global association of insurers, brokers and reinsurers, all committed to implementing e-administration in order to create an efficient and modern Market, announces intense activity in its Regional Implementation Groups with new operational relationships. 

The Ruschlikon Steering Committee is supporting all new implementations, highlighting the tangible business benefits of e-administration as it did in the roadshow with the Bermudian insurance community in November 2016. The North American Implementation Community is concentrating on the regional expansion of existing and new implementations. An introductory workshop was held in September, with the aim of informing new potential entrants about the benefits of Ruschlikon messaging and sharing the experiences of existing partner implementations. Other market events are in preparation, in Europe and Asia in particular. In the UK, the partnership with the LMG TOM program has been highly effective and has already led to concrete deliveries for a global and harmonized back-office.

The Ruschlikon community also comprises a full ecosystem of solution providers, which are helping all members with their implementations through specialized software and gateway applications. Two new solution providers have just been welcomed to the group, Docosoft and Deutsche Bank.

Finally, Ruschlikon is investigating how new technologies could improve business processes in the administration area. Blockchain has been operationally tested via a proof-of-concept for reinsurance accounts exchanged between brokers and reinsurers, developed by SCOR and ChainThat, a specialized blockchain startup.  

Regis Delayat, chair of Ruschlikon and Senior Digital Advisor to the Chairman of SCOR, said “Ruschlikon is strengthening its footprint in all regions of the global (re)insurance market and is already achieving its two objectives: to increase exchanges within the community and to expand the community itself. Ruschlikon also plays a leadership role in terms of adopting innovation designed to optimize straight-through-processing and benefits for our member companies”.

Ruschlikon is the global community of insurers, brokers and reinsurers committed to implementing e-administration and driving an efficient and modern Market.

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