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Mar 2, 2016

ACORD Announces the Introduction of State Information Guides

ACORD is pleased to announce the creation and introduction of State Information Guides (SIG), a new asset for our forms participants. These SIGs provide clear and concise information on Property & Casualty forms. This eliminates the need to call ACORD or the Department of Insurance to get updated information on forms. ACORD currently files its Property & Casualty forms on behalf of licensed forms users in accordance with state filing requirements and continuously monitors regulatory changes in all jurisdictions to confirm compliance with requirements.

In the past, ACORD provided a chart that listed only the jurisdictions in which ACORD filed, along with the categories of forms that were filed in that particular jurisdiction. With the introduction of SIGs, we now provide a PDF document per jurisdiction that contains:

  • ACORD Filing Requirements
  • Company Filing Requirements
  • Forms available in that particular jurisdiction
  • Corresponding SERFF Tracking Numbers, if applicable

As a result, SIGs provide our member companies with the type of information needed to effectively utilize ACORD forms. For example, a particular SIG may indicate if an additional filing is required on the part of the company based on state requirements. SIGs may be found in the Forms Filing Requirements section of the ACORD website. 

We hope that you will find this new asset more comprehensive and beneficial. If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback on the newly introduced State Information Guides, please feel free to contact