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ACORD Awards

The ACORD Awards are presented annually to those organizations and individuals who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in ACORD implementation and advocacy.

An ACORD Award is a prestigious honor, recognized throughout the insurance industry worldwide. ACORD members can nominate themselves or others for an Award.

ACORD Award Categories


Case Study Award

Presented to organizations that have demonstrated how the implementation of ACORD Standards and/or Reference Architecture significantly improved their business processes, either internally at the member organization, or externally in conjunction with the member’s industry partners.


Implementation Journey Award

Presented to ACORD member-participants, across all programs, that have made the largest impact in implementing ACORD Standards over the past year.


Global Citizen Award

Presented to organizations that assist ACORD in globalization initiatives by opening up new opportunities for ACORD in regions where there is little or no ACORD implementation, or by expanding the use of ACORD assets across geographies worldwide.


Leadership Award

Presented to both individuals and organizations demonstrating leadership in the areas of Standards development, advocacy, and/or implementation. It recognizes those who have gone above and beyond in guiding the insurance industry towards greater clarity in the sharing of insurance data.


Industry Contributor

Presented to organizations that have enhanced and extended Standards through donated assets and collaborative efforts for the benefit of the ACORD community and the industry at large.


    Women's Insurance Advancement Award

    Presented to individuals who have contributed to the advancement of
    women in the insurance industry.

2022 Award Winners

Winners of the 2022 ACORD Awards were recognized in October 2022 at ACORD Connect. Congratulations to all of our winners!

ACORD Community 50th Anniversary Award


In celebration of the 50th year of the ACORD community, we are honoring the contributions of those whose dedicated, ongoing collaboration have enabled the success of ACORD and the insurance industry. These award recipients have:

  • Accrued a long and active record of service to the insurance industry,
  • Made a demonstrable impact in their organization and the industry overall, and
  • Consistently contributed to the activities of ACORD on behalf of the insurance community.

Winners of the ACORD Community 50th Anniversary Award were recognized at ACORD Connect 2020.

Winner Badges

Past ACORD Award winners can showcase their achievement by displaying the ACORD Credential for their Award.