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GRLC Accounting and Claims Standards

Global implementers agreed during the first part of 2015 on the content of the next version of the GRLC accounting and claims standards they will move to, and this has now been published as the 2015-04 standard. This release included a new GRLC schema, and also new versions of EBOT (the Electronic Back Office Transactions implementation guide) and ECOT (the Electronic Claims Transactions implementation guide).  Along with this, ACORD also published validation scripts that work in conjunction with the schema to check that messages conform to the rules laid out in the guides.

There is now one year for implementers to move to this new version of the standards, migrating away from the previous version by the deadline of April 2016. In the past, such migration has been managed by individual implementers on their own, but for this year we will be looking at ways to coordinate this centrally. A key part of this will be usage of the new ACORD test harness, which will do everything our previous TCF (testing and certification facility) could do, and also goes beyond this to offer capability for larger test volumes and even self-test facilities.

And the work doesn’t stop here. The business implementation group (BIG) for the global implementers has already started working on the content for the next version of the standards, which will be published in April 2016, when the cycle of annual migration will then start all over again.