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AUGIE Ambassador Corner: Claims Download


"Is your agency a strong advocate when your client has a loss?" asks Craig Most of Tampa's Most Insurance.

His point? The benefits of Claims Download aren't just about efficiency and accuracy, they're also about enhancing your capability to be there for your policyholders when they need you the most. In this month's AUGIE Ambassador Corner, Craig explains why Download is the key to effective advocacy.

"The most important time that an agent can show value is at the time of loss. Agents deal with all types of clients and losses. By having all the parties talking together - insured, carrier and agent - it will make it much easier for that policy holder to have a stronger claims experience," says Craig. "Many times the policy holder will pick up their cell phone, look at the back of the ID card in their car, or pull their paperwork from their house and they'll call the carrier directly. When this happens, the most efficient way for the agency to learn about the claim is through the first notice of loss. Without some type of information downloaded to the system, the agency may not be aware that the claim has been filed and is already behind the eight ball."

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