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e-Signatures: Join the Movement


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How do you do business? For many people, going online is an easy, convenient way to conduct all types of transactions, including making purchases. 75 percent of consumers start their search for insurance online. That was just one of the topics discussed at the ACORD and IIABNY regional carrier session in Albany, New York in June.

New York agents shared stories of how they grow their books of business and maintain retention rates in the 90+% range. The attendees heard how the process can be enhanced by using tools such as electronic signatures. E-signatures are used every day in other sales processes, and many feel there is no reason why independent agents can't also utilize this technology to enhance their relationships with their clients or close a sale.

"The session was about making a more efficient workflow," said Cal Durland, ACORD Member Relations Director. "There is a movement out there. Independent agents have to be able to compete with the direct writers and carriers who sell their products online. They've got to make their processes more efficient."

"By implementing electronic signature technology, you're reaching those customers who want to do business electronically and are sitting in front of a computer and not in front of you," said Marcia Berner, ACORD Implementation Services Director. "Without electronic signatures, you can't do that and you are potentially losing opportunities and potential clients."

Cross selling was also encouraged as a way to stay competitive with online writers. Attendees suggested that agents use available information to include other lines of business in their relationships with customers.

"That will round out the account and provide great service! Ultimately, the relationship with customers is one of service and support, something that many direct writers do not offer and it is where independent agents shine," concluded Berner.

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