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Preparation key if you wanna be startin’ something

Preparation key if you wanna be startin’ something
Publication: LMG

Those of you old enough to remember wearing bell-bottomed trousers, hot-pants (consider the image you are creating before making that admission please) and platform shoes, will also remember the Jackson 5 back in 1970. That’s when Michael Jackson sang “….. abc, easy as 123, or simple as do re me …….”. Of course he was referring to the romantic challenges facing a starry eyed couple, and not hardened London Brokers and Carriers considering the task ahead when implementing the e- Accounting process. Yet many would be forgiven for thinking that the same sentiment might be applied? Surely using data rather than paper is just a straight swap? “Plug and play” so to speak?’ Well no it isn’t actually in fact it’s anything but!


Let’s be clear, it’s not the “e” part of the equation that’s difficult to deliver. The technology - Gateways and MMTs (Message Management Tools) – are easily acquired and in most instances a Carrier or Broker will already have these available, perhaps as a by-product of established e-endorsement capability. No, the technology isn’t complex (or expensive) and tasks such as ACORD certification, connectivity, confidence testing and UAT are relatively easily (and successfully) complished.


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