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The Women in Insurance Initiative (WII) is a consortium of organizations throughout the insurance industry to taking substantive and measurable action by recruiting, mentoring, and sponsoring women to drive equality in career advancement and leadership throughout the insurance industry.

The mission of the WII is to increase diversity and inclusion by developing insurance as an opportunity-rich industry for women. Together, we seek to drive change by: 

  1. Advancing women in leadership and throughout the industry, recognizing the importance of attracting and retaining talent, and sharing success measurements.
  2. Moving the needle to address diversity and inclusion, and integrating both into organizational cultures.
  3. Promoting transformational and innovative leadership throughout the insurance, FinTech, and InsurTech industries.
  4. Collecting and publicizing data to showcase results and build upon existing research.
  5. Raising awareness and visibility of WII, its membership, and its plan of action.
  6. Building partnerships with like-minded organizations.

We are committed to taking substantive and measurable action; in partnering with the Million Women Mentors network, by conducting research and disseminating the results, and bringing insurance industry organizations together in pursuit of our common goal. Join us as a collective voice and an instrument for change.

Learn more about how your organization can get involved in building diversity throughout the industry.