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Real Time

Real Time

Real Time - Make it Your Business. 

ACORD and AUGIE support the industry Real Time and Download Campaign. The following is a summary of how to get started and/or expand your implementation of ACORD Standards.


Process Improvement

The reason we are collaborating on the ACORD Standards development and implementation is that ultimately we strive to improve our processes.




Information & Technology Strategy

Incorporate ACORD data standards into your business and IT strategy. The use of the data standards should be a requirement throughout the business, because the data and information flow is the business.


IT Principles

Use ACORD standards as part of you organization's IT operating principles and project management principles. If a project does not include the use of the ACORD standards, it should be seriously questioned.


Solution Providers

Demand the use of ACORD standards with your vendors/solution providers and build it within the contracts. You are the customer and you should demand what you need for your strategic future.

  • RFP's — Include the requirement for ACORD standards in your Request for Proposal or Request for Information documents.
  • SLA's — Incorporate ACORD standards as a part of your Service Level Agreements (SLA's) with outsourcers or share service providers. The lack of ACORD standards will limit your business options and flexibility while placing the power in the hands of the vendor.

Internal and External Integration

Use ACORD  messaging standards for business to business and the ACORD Framework for your enterprise projects.