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White Papers​

ACORD's Research & Development area researches and publishes white papers with the goal of delivering additional value to our members through the development and dissemination of industry-leading business and technology insights.

ACORD publishes both proprietary and co-branded white papers. If your organization is interested in doing a research project with ACORD, please contact us at

ACORD white papers are free of charge to ACORD members. For more information on membership, please contact
Blockchain Technology in the Insurance Industry - MEMBERS ONLY
While still in nascent stages, blockchain technology has established itself in niche areas. This progress has led to a better understanding of how it might play an important role within the insurance industry, leading to new capabilities, improved efficiency, and enhanced strategic positioning. Enthusiasm for blockchain, however, should be tempered by technological limitations and barriers to its adoption by the industry.

The Value of Standards
For more than 45 years, ACORD has played an integral role in the global insurance industry, adding value for stakeholders across every aspect of the value chain. Using ACORD data standards, insurance stakeholders are able to improve their process, organization, and technology capabilities, making the flow of insurance data seamless.

The ACORD Insurance Digital Maturity Study - MEMBERS ONLY
"Digitization" is one of those industry terms that attracts hype, but not always quantification. ACORD studied the state of digitization along the insurance value chain: Where does the industry stand? Does digital maturity correlate to value creation? What are the potential digital strategies, and are there common traits among those who have successfully executed them? In short...does digitization matter?

Unlocking the Blockchain, ch.2: Digitizing the Insurance Value Chain - MEMBERS ONLY
This white paper examines how digitizing the insurance value chain through the use of blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies has the potential to revolutionize the insurance sector, from the way insurance products are designed, distributed, underwritten and administered, to the way the market is regulated.

Robotic Process Automation in Insurance: An ACORD/Capgemini Perspective - MEMBERS ONLY
RPA is a software application that combines user interface recognition technologies with workflow execution tools. What is particularly revolutionary is that it does not necessarily require companies to make changes to their strategic processes or existing back office technologies. Therefore, RPA may function as a low-cost, low-risk solution for process optimization with near-term payback.

The Digital Tsunami: Why U.S. Independent Agents Must Optimize Online Tools Now - MEMBERS ONLY
The vast majority of independent agents and brokers in the U.S. need to embrace and optimize customer-facing digital technology. Most insurance buyers expect it, and failure to do so can drain agency value and cede business to competitors.

Challenge to Change, Part 3: The Future of Insurance - MEMBERS ONLY
Leading experts are making compelling arguments that insurance needs to change. While the challenge to change is significant, the benefits of doing so are growing in an increasingly global industry.

Challenge to Change, Part 2: The Impact of Technology - MEMBERS ONLY
There can be little doubt that accelerating systemic change is impacting the insurance industry’s wider operating environment. While technology as a whole could be considered as one major contributing factor or amplifier of these trends, the emergence and proliferation of various technologies present insurers with a wealth of options to reshape their business models and add value to their services.

Challenge to Change, Part 1: Embracing Change, the Economy, People and the Future of Work - MEMBERS ONLY
This three-part series explores the future growth drivers of the global insurance industry. Part 1 sets out the compelling global shifts that will radically alter the macro-environment of the insurance industry, and explores the key global drivers of this change.

ACORD and XBRL: Bridging Data Standards to Enhance Re/Insurance Reporting Under Solvency II - MEMBERS ONLY
This document aims to discuss the potential of linking ACORD and XBRL which is expected to span several levels: from organisational, through business and reaching technical layers. The organisational layer is primarily the activities undertaken by the ACORD and XBRL organisations to develop, maintain and advocate the implementation of their respective standards.

Guidelines for e-Signature and e-Delivery in the Insurance Business - MEMBERS ONLY
By fostering a greater understanding of the legal requirements for both electronic signatures and electronic delivery of documents as they pertain to the insurance industry, we believe that this Strategic Analysis will serve as a foundational document for insurers and producers with interests in these capabilities.

Data and Analytics in Insurance: An SMA Research Summary - MEMBERS ONLY
Analytics has become a game changer for insurers, expanding beyond the traditional focus on risk to all areas of the insurance business. This SMA research survey, completed by 165 insurer participants and conducted in conjunction with ACORD, investigated the current and future roles of standards and industry models as well as incentives for investment in data.


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