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Why did ACORD create this designation?

ACORD Standards are being implemented by participants worldwide who rely on employees, contractors and suppliers get the job done efficiently, effectively, and properly. However, there was no credible way to demonstrate or acknowledge individuals having such expertise. That's why ACORD launched the program – to support organizations that needed to ensure their staff was current with ACORD standards and to help them find qualified individuals to support their work.


Who should be an Expert?

In general, ACE designees are people actively implementing or planning to implement ACORD Standards within their organizations and for solution providers developing systems intended to be ACORD compliant.

Typical titles of candidates include, but are not limited to:

  • Business Analyst
  • Information Architect
  • System Designer or System Architect
  • Database Manager

Responsibilities within companies include:

  • Business analysis
  • Data management
  • Data design (integration, modeling, mapping)

Why do I want to be an ACE?

If your employer is implementing ACORD Standards, they may want you to obtain the designation and help you further hone your skills. Independent consultants may also wish to hold the ACE designation to show prospective clients that they have the requisite skills.


Why should I hire an ACE?

Certification means that the individual you are considering for employment has received training, passed examinations, and is maintaining that knowledge through continuing education.


I use third-party software. Does an ACE matter to me?

When shopping for new technology solutions, you can feel more secure in the knowledge that your system was developed by a company employing certified ACORD standards implementers. If you want to be ACORD compliant, you need to be sure that your supplier is as well.


How will ACORD acknowledge certification?

ACORD will maintain a list of all individuals in good standing on a special page of the website.


What continuing education requirements can I expect?

ACORD will host webinars and require individuals to attend selected ACORD events and classes during the year focusing on changes to the Standards. We also plan to open a special channel of communication to keep you updated on all activities related to your certification.