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Cross Program Reporting

ACORD's Cross Program Reporting Standards provide US insurers with message standards to report workers' compensation activity to relevant state agencies. Use the left navigation or scroll down the page to browse your community for specific documents, working groups and updates.

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  • Workers' Compensation Reporting Implementation Community

     In an effort to include the larger IAIABC and WCIO members in the ACORD Standards development process, this Implementation Community has been formed.  It is open to both members and non-members of ACORD, however, (free) registration on the ACORD site is required to gain access to this site.

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  • Cross Program Data in Motion Working Group

    Several changes occurred in the transition from XML version 1.30 to 2.0. These changes were made with the goal of simplifying the XML standard while retaining backward compatibility in messages known to be in use. The ACORD Data in Motion Architecture (Formerly XML V2) working group, formed in early 2014, adopted the following principles:

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  • Joint Producer Licensing & Appointments

    Our community mission is to provide the U.S. domestic insurance industry with transactions sufficient to share needed agent/agency contracting, licensing, appointment, certification and training information between all trading partners.

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  • Workers’ Compensation Reporting Program Working Group

    The ACORD Cross Program Reporting Program was established in 2011. ACORD has been engaged by the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Organizations (WCIO) and International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions (IAIABC) at their request to help them and other interested parties to expand upon and modernize their current limited fixed length, flat file format data standards. Given that insurers, ratemaking and statistical organizations are transacting more and more business over the internet and rewriting and developing new systems using newer technology, it makes good business sense to transact data via more robustly defined and architected XML business messages.

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