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Property & Casualty

ACORD's Property & Casualty Standards support the personal, commercial, specialty and surety lines.

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  • Binding Authority Risks Bound Bordereau

    This working group is defining electronic message formats and flows to support the reporting of policies by Coverholders to Carrier/s with whom they have an agreement (often known as a “binding authority”) that authorises them to bind such policies on the Carrier/s behalf.

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  • Cross Program Data in Motion Working Group

    This Working Group originated in Property & Casualty and has been expanded to all ACORD members in all programs. The goal of this group is to create a lightweight program- and technology-agnostic digital standard. This standard will be cross-program and aligned with the Reference Architecture. This new standard will not replace the existing XML standard, but will be an additional asset available to members for use in digital transactions.

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  • Joint Producer Licensing & Appointments

    Our community mission is to provide the U.S. domestic insurance industry with transactions sufficient to share needed agent/agency contracting, licensing, appointment, certification and training information between all trading partners.

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  • PC AL3 Transaction Specifications

    Business partners need help implementing AL3 policy download standards. This working group provides valuable AL3 Transaction Specifications that assist all stakeholders in implementing AL3 messages in a consistent manner.

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  • PC Certificates

    The objective of this group is to review and monitor the use and acceptance of ACORD certificate forms, ensuring they meet industry needs, are appropriately formatted for automation, and are filed in applicable states. Certificates are widely used and change as needed to meet the industry’s needs. The working group meets as required.

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  • PC Coverage Implementation

    ACORD's P&C data standards represent certain business data via code lists / code values. This applies to both AL3 and XML. When implementing these standards for data exchange, it is not uncommon for the party creating the data to use a non-ACORD (non-standard) code value to meet a perceived business need. 

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  • PC Forms

    This group meets monthly evaluating, prioritizing and addressing form change requests submitted by ACORD forms users, as well as maintenance requests arising from the forms mapping project.

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  • PC Telematics

    This Working Group's scheduled conference calls have been discontinued. If you are interested in discussing telematics with the working group, please contact the WG chair or facilitator.

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  • Property & Casualty Program Working Group

    The Program Working Group serves as the primary P&C MR Review team, continuously reviewing incoming change requests (AL3, XML and Forms), ensuring that all changes to each standard are necessary and sufficient to address the stated business needs of each request. Click on "show more" (below) to view the Program Schedule and Milestones.

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  • XML Best Practices (formerly PC XML Transaction Specifications)

    Insurers and agency management system solution providers need help implementing P&C XML standards. This working group provides XML Transaction Specifications to assist all stakeholders in implementing XML messages correctly and consistently.

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