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Life & Annuity

ACORD develops XML standards and standardized forms for life insurance, annuities, and life reinsurance.

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  • Employee Benefits Product Distribution

    As healthcare reform triggers changes across the benefits industry, Insurance Carriers are seeking opportunities to accelerate capabilities associated with hosting their Products/Plan Designs whether that be through Private Exchanges, Public Exchanges, Benefit Administration Providers, Broker Partners, etc.

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  • Voice of the Life BGA

    Participants:All directly involved in the Independent Brokerage Life Sales Chain - BGAs, Agencies, Agencies & Agents/Producers, and Process Enablement Experts. This sharing area is for conversations and support of the Life Distribution channel business processes – those who present, sell and support Life insurance products.

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  • eDelivery

    New L&A Working Group to support eDelivery with initial focus on Electronic Policy Delivery. This working group can also expand to include additional artifacts for electronic delivery such as Confirms, Statements, Prospectus, etc, as well as extend to other Lines of Business.

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  • LA Architecture

    This group studies architectural issues it discovers or that are presented to it and makes recommendations; it acts as technical conduit between the other ACORD Standards Programs and the Life membership and provides technical refinements / improvements to the Standard. This is an ongoing group continually providing technical expertise to the L&A community as well continually addressing technical gaps and issues in the standards.

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  • LA Claims

    This groups objective is to refine the modeling of claim information in the ACORD Life & Annuity standard across lines of business for Life, Annuity, LTC and Health.

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  • LA Forms & Data Mapping

    This group's objective is to address the form development needs for the Life & Annuity program. This consists of the review of existing forms, and the development of new forms as determined by the group. The group will also work with ACORD to ensure that mappings to the L&A XML Data Model are provided to ensure electronic portability of the forms.

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  • LA Product Modeling

    This group provides ongoing support and guidance regarding the development of all products within the ACORD Life & Annuity model. The focus in 2016 is targeting tightly defined Product Profiles for Life Products (ie: Term, WL, UL, IUL, VUL, LTC, etc).  Enhance the existing Product Profiles for Life ACORD L&A 1201 Policy Product Transmittal to include better defined product functionality and also correlation to the suggested enhancements to the New Business for Life ACORD L&A 103 New Business Submission Transaction to ensure end-to-end compatibility in the standards.

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  • Life & Annuity Program Working Group

    If you want to know what is going on within the Life & Annuity Program, this is the group for you! The Program Working Group (PWG) is responsible for the execution of activities within the Life & Annuity standards and provides a single point for all major decisions, creating (sub)teams as needed for focused work, and rapid issue resolution. A key role of the PWG is the management and prompt resolution of issues/request within the L&A program and ensuring all issues are addressed as well as the review of all maintenance request. The PWG also provides a forum for reviewing and approving iteratively-produced draft transaction specifications, and recommending adoption by the L&A Program Steering Committee. Click on "Show More" (Below) to view the Program Schedule, Milestones, and Program Working Group Meeting logistics.

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