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Faster cash, higher efficiency, better information – the Ruschlikon Initiative connects leading players of the (re)insurance industry to advanced back office processes such as technical accounting, claims and settlement using the ACORD Global Reinsurance and Large Commercial (GRLC) Standards. 



​​22 May 2017
32% increase in Ruschlikon business transactions in 2016​
​​​“Ruschlikon is an integral part of what we do at ACORD and has become an influential force, not only adapting to the needs of the industry but doing so in innovative ways. We are excited for what they have accomplished in 2016 and to watch their continued growth in 2017.” – Bill Pieroni, ACORD President & CEO​


Ruschlikon Business Implementation Group or Standards:
Phil Brown -

Ruschlikon North America or Bermuda:
Maggy Leon –

Ruschlikon UK:
Mel Harding –

General Questions:
Maggy Leon–