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Global Reinsurance & Large Commercial

ACORD's GRLC Standards support reinsurance and subscription markets worldwide where reinsurance and complex insurance business is underwritten. The standards provide seamless transfer of information between cedents, clients, insurance and reinsurance brokers, and insurers and reinsurers. Use the left navigation or scroll down the page to browse your community for specific documents, working groups and updates.

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  • Binding Authority Risks Bound Bordereau

    This working group is defining electronic message formats and flows to support the reporting of policies by Coverholders to Carrier/s with whom they have an agreement (often known as a “binding authority”) that authorises them to bind such policies on the Carrier/s behalf.

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  • Cross Program Data in Motion Working Group

    Several changes occurred in the transition from XML version 1.30 to 2.0. These changes were made with the goal of simplifying the XML standard while retaining backward compatibility in messages known to be in use. The ACORD Data in Motion Architecture (Formerly XML V2) working group, formed in early 2014, adopted the following principles:

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  • e-Accounting Net Settlement Processing

    Accounting standards within the Global Reinsurance and Large Commercial Insurance community have been in use for many years now – allowing messages to be exchanged between partners that establish the details of accounting transactions as a first stage, and to allow agreement of amounts to be paid as and when they become due as a second stage.

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  • Generic Query/Process Working Group

    The need to be able to raise complex queries has been proposed within the London implementation community to support a number of initiatives they have underway (e.g. their “Genesis” placing data capture service that is piloting a new approach to receiving policy data using the GRLC “Placing” XML message involving centralizing the capture of data from paper placing documents which is then sent on to carriers in electronic messages).

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  • Global Reinsurance & Large Commercial Program Working Group

    The GRLC Program Working Group (PWG) performs a pivotal role in the governance of the GRLC program. All proposed changes to the GRLC standards come through this group for review and analysis before being published within the GRLC standards documentation.

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  • GRLC Generic Query Process Working Group

    There is a need within London for queries that go beyond the scope of the current query processing flows supported globally: - Two way message flows are required to resolve queries - There is a need to be able to raise the query with a party other than the message originator (in which case the original message will need to be made available with the query) - There may be a need to raise queries that do not relate to an original message There is a need to fully analyse these requirements (see more detailed requirements document from London attached to this proposal), to define the message flows and content that is required.

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  • GRLC Placing Working Group

    GRLC Placing messages are already in existence – and guides that define the interoperation of messages to support all stages of the quote, bind, endorsement and other parts of the placing process. Within the London market there is a new placing initiative (PPL) that is engaging with market practitioners to implement the GRLC placing messages and flows. This is commencing in 2016 starting with Terrorism lines of business and then continuing on to other lines. In parallel with this they are also considering message content and flow requirements at the post-placing stage (i.e. after carrier shares have been bound).

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