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Jun 9, 2021

Adlib Partners With ACORD Solutions Group to Accelerate Insurance Digital Promise

LONDON, UK, June 9, 2021 - Global content intelligence cloud firm Adlib has announced its adoption of the ACORD Transcriber service as part of its collaboration with ACORD, the standards-setting body for the global insurance industry.

As a member of the Licensed Integrator Partner community of ACORD Solutions Group (ASG), the industry-owned subsidiary of ACORD, Adlib will leverage ACORD’s next-generation digital standards, solutions, and services for the benefit of its clients and the insurance industry at large. Adlib will primarily focus on the ACORD Transcriber service to enhance its long-established content intelligence and automation solution portfolio, as it expands its reach into the global insurance industry and other processors of insurance data.

“The Adlib-ACORD partnership is a powerful combination that will generate industry leading technology products and platforms for the insurance industry,” says Joan Leroux, SVP, Global Sales and Customer Success, Adlib. ACORD’s understanding of complex insurance forms, its deep engineering expertise, and collaborative approach is uniquely complementary to how Adlib works,” added Joan. “With the future of insurance being digital, combined with our ability to extract, surface, enrich and integrate data using ACORD Transcriber, insurance companies, and all insurance data processors, are one step closer to delivering on their digital promise.”

ACORD has provided the standard forms used by the insurance industry for 50 years. ACORD Forms are now available in a variety of formats, including printable PDF, electronic fillable, and eForms, with over 800 ACORD Forms available, and 4,700 including revisions. ACORD Transcriber automates the download, population, and extraction of data in ACORD Forms and other documents.

Using ACORD Transcriber, Adlib’s existing and prospective clients will be able to automatically extract data from any ACORD Form. Adlib has extended its benefit case to its customers for ACORD Forms, allowing for increased efficiency, expense reduction, greater data extraction accuracy, and speed of information processing.

“We are delighted to welcome Adlib to the ASG Licensed Integrator Partner community,” said Chris Newman, ACORD’s Managing Director, Global. “Adlib is a highly respected leader in content intelligence cloud solutions for the insurance industry. We are looking forward to helping Adlib and their clients to expand their global footprint and drive greater efficiency and value capture through standardized data exchange and market-leading solutions.”

About Adlib 

Our purpose is to create intelligent data that amplifies human potential and maximizes business performance. How do we get there? Our content intelligence and automation solutions make it easy to discover, standardize, classify, extract, and leverage clean structured data from complex unstructured documents. In doing so, our global customers reduce risk, simplify compliance, automate processes, and enter a whole new level of performance. For more information, contact us at or visit