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Aug 19, 2015

ACORD Auto Identification Cards Remain Relevant

ACORD Automobile Identification Cards remain a valid, trusted, verifiable means of providing proof of insurance throughout the United States.

Automobile Liability Insurance is mandated by law in all states and territories in the United States.  Physical proof of insurance is also required in almost all jurisdictions. A physical paper document, known as an Automobile Insurance Identification Card or Auto ID Card, is considered proof of insurance. The content and format of the Auto ID Card are regulated by the Department of Motor Vehicles and/or the Department of Insurance in each jurisdiction. 

ACORD continuously monitors regulatory changes, makes adjustments to impacted forms, files the forms on behalf of all licensed forms users and makes them available to Members in a timely fashion. ACORD’s diligence in this area eliminates the need for Members to keep track of the numerous regulatory changes and generate updated Auto ID Cards.  
Many jurisdictions are implementing laws and regulations that permit insurers to issue Auto ID Cards on portable electronic devices. For jurisdictions who have begun to accept electronic copies of insurance cards, ACORD ID Cards remain a valid means of satisfying these requirements as well.

The ongoing maintenance of Auto ID cards is another example of ACORD’s commitment to staying on top of regulatory changes and saving our Members enormous amounts of time and resources by not having to create their own proprietary cards, while at the same time reducing processing time for agents.