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May 20, 2015

ACORD eLabel Mappings are here!

ACORD supports three separate and distinct Property and Casualty standards:

  • AL3
  • XML
  • eLabels

Although the three standards contain similar information, they were developed at different times and are not necessarily consistent or aligned. To assist the numerous agents, insurers and solution providers who use ACORD Forms and Standards, ACORD initiated a project to define the relationship between each field on an ACORD form to the corresponding ACORD Data Standards in XML and AL3.  

The final result of this intense eighteen-month effort are individual spreadsheets, for each ACORD P&C form, which define the relationship between the form data field and connect it back to the corresponding ACORD XML and AL3 Standard.

This new asset provides implementers of the ACORD P&C Standards with documentation that will greatly reduce development time and associated costs, improve efficiency, drive a consistent industry-wide method for associating the standards, and keep the standards in sync.  

Mapping documents are available now for 620 P&C Forms. Members interested in acquiring these new assets should contact ACORD Member Services at or +1 845-620-1700.